Do you want to cut laminate flooring easily?

You just need to follow my instruction and cope up your design easily into the laminate flooring. As you are here, definitely you are going to make some design on your laminate flooring. Recently I have cut my laminate flooring and discover some new tricks to make the work more easily.

Look: I have mentioned some necessary tools and things which will be needed to cut your floor. You must purchase or hire these pieces of equipment. You must bring or arrange those things because these are the weapon of how to cut laminate flooring.
Do you want to cut laminate flooring easily
Scroll down the page below to see how to cut laminate flooring step by step.

Necessary equipment to cut laminate flooring:

Measurement tape: At first you will have to hire or buy a measurement tape. If you are just doing it for the last time, you don’t need to buy a tape. You can one also because it costs a very little amount.

Marking pencil or pen: Then collect or bring a marking pencil. You can use your writing pencil also to mark the portion that you are going to cut exactly.

Laminate floor cutter: this one is the most important tools to shape laminate flooring. Usually, professionals use a laminate floor cutter as it is not dusty and easy to cut. You can hire one or you can use a circular saw which is also used to cut the floor. Just pick the best circular saw for the job though, and use blades with 18 teeth per inch.

Jigsaw: If your design is curved or like that you will have to use a Jigsaw to cut the shapes smoothly.

Design paper: Sometimes you need to use ordinary paper to use as marking. The paper will be pre-shaped with design.

Table or a body: Finally you need a table to put the laminate floor to cut pleasantly.

How to cut laminate flooring step by step:

As I have mentioned the necessary equipment nicely with a little description. Hope, you have arranged all those things to begin the cutting process.

Step 1: Use the measurement tape to measure the floor and area. Remember, your area should match with the design or cutting area.

Step 2: Put the floor on the table or a plane place to make the design or shape where to cut. Here you need to use the marking pencil or pen to mark the area. On the other hand, if you want to cut the area with a design, you have use papers. Cut the paper as your design and put it into the floor.

Step 3: Now start cutting with your circular saw or handsaw if the floor is quite thin. In case of much thickness, use floor cutter to cut easily without much strength. Here you need to follow the marked line to ensure that you are not cutting extra area. On the contrary, if you are cutting with a design, you need to use a Jigsaw. You have to use it for a certain time to make the design smooth.

Step 4: Look at the downside to be sure that the saw is reaching to the down and up equally. Just keep the jigsaw vertically to ensure the position.

2 Best laminate floor cutters:

I have mentioned tow laminate floor cutter which got more easy and pleasant to use. Moreover, they are easy to handle the project.

1. SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw with 36T Contractor Blade: This is one of the best laminate floor cutters. Usually, professionals use this cutter mostly. The cutter is lightweight so that you could carry the cutter anywhere. You can use it to make the cross, miter, and rip cuts. You can cut solid, metal and laminate floor with just one tool.


  • Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Dimension: 28.9×20.1×13 inches
  • Model number: 3601-02
  • Power: Corded Electronic
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Amperage capacity: 7A

Why should you buy this one?

Its power system is electric that is why you don’t need to push your strength. You are allowed to carry this tool anywhere for its lightweight.
Why should you buy this one
2. EAB Tool Exchange-a-Blade 21000059- inch Laminate flooring cutter: This one is also a stronger one which is very popular to the engineers. You can cut laminate, solid wood, vinyl, and fooling up to 15mm which is 5 to 8 inches thick. Here you will have angle gauge which allows you to cut 45-degree angel. Amazingly, you don’t need to use electricity here as power. The popular fact for this cutter is its blade. You can sharpen it blade with sharpening stone which will be included with the cutter.


  • Weight: 11.99 pounds
  • Cutter dimension: 21x10x3.5
  • Floor cutter model number: 21000059
  • Power: No electricity needed
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Why should you buy this one?

You are getting one year of warranty from this cutter which is trusted. Using this tool you don’t need to use electricity. Again you can change or sharpen the blade yourself with the sharpening stone which is included.