Buying gifts can be tricky. It becomes much easier when you know the recipient’s favorite hobbies are, though, whether that’s a sport, makeup, or gaming. Even if you don’t know much about what they’re interested in, you can usually find something that will make them happy.  

If you have a loved one who is a huge gamer, here are the best gifts that they will surely appreciate. 

A Gaming Chair

Does the person you’re buying a gift for not yet have a gaming chair? If so, they are not doing their back any favors, so get them the gift of comfort with the best gaming chair you can find. Look for chairs with cushioned seats, high levels of support, and armrests to ensure it fits your loved one’s gaming needs.  

A Quality Headset

Every gamer should own a quality headset. It elevates the entire experience, allowing them to hear every creak or footstep in the video game. Plus, a good headset usually comes with a high-quality mic, making online communications much smoother. If the gamer in your life is settling for an average headset, then a quality one could just make the perfect gift. 

A Gaming T-shirt or Hoodie

There is a big chance that the gamer you’re buying for already has all the gaming equipment they need, especially if they’ve been playing games for a long time. In this case, you could buy them a gaming t-shirt or hoodie. Look online – there are plenty out there, so you can get them one with an image of their favorite video game on the front. 

A VR Headset

Even if the gamer already has their favorite console, gaming PC, and mic, they might not yet have invested in a VR headset. VR headsets are tons of fun, providing the gamer with a next-level immersive experience that makes you feel like you are part of the game. For those who are already into video games, it’s a great gift, as it allows them to experience gaming in a whole different way. 

An Indie Game They Haven’t Played

Just because your loved one has spent a lot of time playing games, which doesn’t mean they’ve played everything. There are so many games out there yet to be discovered. If you want to get them a game they don’t already have, take a look at some highly reviewed but under-the-radar indie games. It’s a thoughtful, entertaining gift that could end up being their next favorite game. 

The Latest AAA Game They Haven’t Yet Splurged On

On the other side of the coin, there are the latest AAA games that everyone is trying to get hold of. If you know your loved one is after a game, but they haven’t justified splurging on it yet, take the opportunity to gift them something they really want. It’s the kind of gift they will end up sinking hours into, and they will thank you for that. 

Buying a gift for a gamer needn’t be difficult – just make sure you know what they already own in advance!