When you get to know how to cut window glass, you will realize how easy it is to do yourself. But it takes a little bit of practice to excel. You will be surprised how an inexpensive, pencil-sized tool can give you precisely cut glasses.

If you have a broken window, don’t want to waste the glass, and try some new DIY projects, you can follow cutting window glass steps. This article describes the most straightforward way of cutting window glass—the things you need you can find online or in shops near you. You can try this even for fun. It is a fascinating skill to achieve. 

How to Cut Window Glass

Cutting glass is an excellent and unique skill to have. When you become good at cutting glass, you can try different ways, styles for various projects. This skill is all about learning how to control pressure and steadily moving the cutter. You can cut window glass following only a few simple steps. 

Step 1: Things You Need

Glass: The first thing you need is glass. It’s better if you practice a few times to cut glass. For practice, you can use 3 or 4 mm thick glass. It can be challenging to cut glasses with less than 3mm thickness, as they might break easily.

It would help if you practiced understanding how much pressure to put using the glass cutter. As you become confident in your pressure, you can try thicker glasses like 5mm glass.

Glass Cutter: Another obvious thing you need is a glass cutter. There are commonly two types of glass cutters. One with wooden handles with no oil compartment. Another type has an oil compartment in it. You can put oil in it; it will steadily let oil flow as you push to cut the glass. 

The cutter with no oil compartment is cheaper. If you are trying glass cutting as a beginner, you should go for the wooden handle one. After practicing when you become comfortable with glass cutting, you can buy a glass cutter with an oil compartment.

Oil/lubricant: You need a lightweight cutting oil or machine oil for your glass cutter. You can use kerosene if that’s available. You can get machine oil or glass cutting oils online. You need to dip the wheel of the cutter in oil lightly. 

If your glass has an oil compartment, then put oil in it. It’s better not to use heavy or sticky oil, as it will leave your glass surface oily and sticky. You can put oil on the glass along the line you want to cut for the extended cut.

Measuring tools: Measuring how you want to cut your glass is essential, as you can’t fix it later. You can use a framing square, tape, or ruler to measure your glass. You should measure and mark using a marking pencil before cutting.

Safety gears: if you are cutting glass for the first time, you need to be very careful. You should always put on safety goggles and work gloves. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Step 2: Clean The Glass

The glass you are cutting needs to be squeaky clean. Any dirt or grime will interfere with the cutting. It will result in an uneven cut that can not be appropriately fixed later. You can use a glass cleaner or solvent to clean the glass thoroughly. It would be best if you clean both sides of the glass. Also, make sure that the wheel of the cutter is clean as well. 

Step 3: Measure The Glass

Measuring the glass before cutting is necessary. Otherwise, you can have an uneven cut. You can use various types of tools to measure the glass. Having a clean and flat surface is also essential. Not having an even surface may result in an uneven measurement and cut.

You should practice a few times to get a grip on cutting glass correctly. You can try and use different measuring tools, depending on your requirement. Try and learn which measuring tool works best for you. 

Step 4: Cut The Glass

Now you are into the most crucial part, which is cutting/scoring the glass. You have to be calm and steady to cut the glass. If you have made a line on the glass, then follow the line to cut it. Try to make a straight cut as much as possible. It might take a few practices to understand how much pressure you need or how to cut straight. The key to getting the best cut glass is practice. 

Step 5: Snap The Glass

After cutting the glass, will you get a perfect score in the glass. You need to push the glass carefully, and it will pop, and you will get a perfectly cut glass. You can push with your thumbs in a similar way you break a chocolate bar.

If you can’t break the glass like this or the glass is too thick, you can put your cutter on the score and push lightly. You can turn the glass over, lightly tap the scored line with the wheel of the cutter. Keep tapping until the glass snap into two parts. 

Step 6: Smooth The Edges

It’s best to smooth out the edges of the glass. It makes it more safe and easy to use. You can use a whetstone or sandpaper to smooth the edges. It also gives the edges a rounded shape. To find services check here vitrier bruxelles


Always put on safety gear. Wear goggles and work gloves before cutting glass. Make sure you are working in a safe environment. Please don’t do it around children. While cutting, use the sharp tools carefully.

Do not try to cut tempered glass with a glass cutter. It will break and shatter if you try to use a glass cutter in tempered glass.


If you want to try cutting glass by yourself, you can do that easily following this article. Now you know how to cut window glass. This is for small and straightforward projects. If you want to do more significant projects, you should consult a professional. A professional can help you in cutting more oversized glasses or glasses that are very thick.