Clean Up Australia reported that Australians produce about 540 kilograms of household waste per person per year. In 2017 alone, Australia generated about 67 million tonnes of different kinds of wastes, with only 37 million tonnes sent to recycling centers. Because of this, Australia is taking more measures for waste disposal, leading to the use of rubbish removal companies that can help dispose of waste that private citizens would otherwise not know how to dispose of.

Sure, it is easy to put cans in recycling bins, but what happens if you are moving out of your home or dorm room — what would you do with your old furniture, knick-knacks, or even your old mattress? Here are some tips to help you with your moving out process.

Create an Organizational Method

Create a list of items to be kept, stored, donated, or disposed of. Once you have gone through this list, pack them up in separate boxes and mark them accordingly. Creating this list will give you a general idea of the size of the moving van you will need, the storage space you will require, and the amount of rubbish you need to dispose of or recycle.

Book for Rubbish Removal

Waste is disposed of in different waste streams for recycling, food and garden organics, and residual waste. However, some items are not accepted in any of these bins, such as household and car batteries, gas cylinders, and even mobile phones and devices. 

For instance, Wollongong City has a comprehensive recycling guide that guides its citizens of proper waste handling and disposal. So, if you have items that you want to get rid of (or stuff that can be possibly recycled) in the city, then it is best to look for skip bin hire in Wollongong. Due to the high demand for rubbish removal, however, it is better to book them as early as possible to avoid a cost surge. 

Removalists may sometimes charge more for urgent services, costing you more money. Rubbish removal professionals can help you dismantle or dispose of your furniture, discarded appliances, and even broken goods.

Pack Up and Dispose of Items Properly

It is best to pack at least two weeks before your move so that you will know how much junk you need to dispose of. The junk will accumulate throughout your packing, so you can begin to sort them out. Oftentimes, you will find that you have more items than you have on your list when you go through your basement or attic, so you won’t have to stress yourself out at the last minute searching through cupboards. When separating your items, make sure to use high-quality trash bags for your rubbish disposal to avoid ripping. You can also hand over the entire mess to the professionals and let them do their job. House Clearance Southampton can be a great consideration if you live near by and want to hire the best company.

Decluttering will help you reduce waste before you begin packing. Planning for proper waste handling and disposal by organizing your things and calling for a proper rubbish remover will make disposing of rubbish easier. Be responsible and environmentally conscious when moving out, and as many environmental groups say: reduce the waste you produce, reuse your resources, and recycle whenever (and wherever)  possible.