Moving to a new place may seem overwhelming with a lot of things. You will have to set your entire house right from the scratch. You’ll have to decorate your living room, buy new sofas, shop for the best mattress, and not to mention you need to buy matching bed sheets online

This may seem hard and probably is. But, you can set up your house from scratch like a pro without any hassle. Simply follow the instructions and tips given below to enjoy the process of decorating your home.

1. Figure out your decorating style

If you decide on the decorating style of your home then you are already half done. Make sure to choose the interior that is compatible with the exterior. An architectural house needs a wooden interior, while a modern exterior calls for a modern interior. Below are some of the popular decorating style you need to consider:


The transitional style is a mixture of traditional and modern styles. This one is the best if you consider renovating your old home or warming up new construction. The transitional style has a set of colors that are prominently used. They are sages, earthy reds, dark woods, olive green, and neutral colors. Furniture with a softer liner will suit the transitional model of the home well. 


A modern interior involves softer earth tones and clean lines. They are usually perfectly tailored and look at a straight clean line. Mid-century sofas go well with a modern interior. If you are renovating a very old home of the 1950s, then modern decor is the go-to interior. 


Contemporary design is a synonym of minimalist design. Only a few decor pieces are placed in each room. And the colors are neutral or black, white, and grey. Metal and glass will give a classy look to the minimalist design than the wood. 

If you are someone who loves natural light, then the contemporary style can give you what you want. It is also ideal for smaller spaces. If you choose a minimalist design then you can buy bedsheets online, that precisely match the style. Not only bedsheets, but you can also purchase window curtains, pillow covers, and mattress covers online. 


The farmhouse is one of the popular designs. It gives a cozy and comfortable look to the entire house. Overstuffed sofas and wooden tables will be a good match for a farmhouse design. This type of design gives a vintage feel and the colors used are primarily white, and other neutral colors. 

2. Plan room by room

You’ll get overwhelmed if you try to decorate the entire house at once. Always, prioritize the rooms that you are going to decorate first and start from there. Maybe you want to get done with the living room first, and then the kitchen and finally the bedroom. Sort down your priorities and pick a maximum of two rooms to get started. 

And there is no rule that you should match all the rooms in your house. You can go for a transitional living room and a modern bedroom. Remember, it is your house, so make sure to design and decorate according to your taste. 

However, make sure to add at least one unifying element to all the rooms – may be a common flow or curtains or you can buy bedsheets online that look similar. 

If you are confused about what room to start with, then think of the room that you spend the most time in. You’ll want to complete those first. Maybe your guest room can wait when your kitchen needs an immediate makeover. Remember, priorities!

3. Begin with the largest piece in the room

After breaking down the rooms in your house. Now, focus on picking up the largest piece in the room. The biggest piece in the room is usually the most expensive one. For example, in the bedroom, the cot and mattress would be more expensive, in the dining room, the dining table. For the living room, your sofa or TV set. 

The biggest piece in your room is by far the most important thing in your room. And probably you will spend more money on it. So make sure to buy a high-quality item that will satisfy your needs and goes perfectly with the interior design of the house. 

You can also save some extra bucks on accessorizing. You can go for a second-hand coffee table instead of spending a lump sum on a new one. Or, you can buy an inexpensive bedside table. Choose wisely and spend accordingly.