You spend a considerable amount of time at the office, right? It’s important to make your workspace as comfortable as possible, but also efficient enough for you to get the most out of each work day.

So, how do you decorate your new office for workplace efficiency? The following user-friendly guide offers a few tips to help you increase office productivity.

  • Optimize Your Desk

Optimize Your Desk
A study performed by Workfront shows over 39 percent of your time at work is spent performing your daily tasks. Let’s presume those tasks are performed at your desk. The efficiency of your desk will determine how much work you get done, create personal space, and house your most important office tools.

  1. A comfortable desk with a chair is important 
  2. Make your desk personal space with office trinkets (e.g. pictures, awards)
  3. Position your desk to best suit your needs with adequate lighting
  • Office Tools

Your office tools should help you multitask which equates to a huge part of your workplace efficiency. Multitasking won’t be a stressor if you have all of your office essentials conveniently put in place to help you perform efficiently. Include modernized office equipment with the best features including a PC, printer, office phone and chair mats which will keep your the office floor safe. Your office tools should be easy to get to and very functional. In fact, you can include project management software on your PC that will increase your daily efficiency.

  • Eliminate Office Clutter

Eliminate Office Clutter
Your new office should be neat and tidy. Decorate your office with plenty of room to get around. Create an organized space that will promote efficiency. For example, utilize shelf space that will enhance your organizational goals and create efficiency. When you’re decorating your new office, don’t over clutter your space with unnecessary equipment. A clean office will help you feel good about coming to work each day and have a positive impact on your efficiency.

  • Eliminate Office Distractions Distractions

When you’re at work, it’s very important to focus on your daily tasks. For some people, a radio may be a distraction while others find that it helps them relax and be more efficient. When you’re decorating your new office, choose software, furniture, and equipment that will be the least distracting.

  • Choose Your Wall Coloring Wisely

Choose Your Wall Coloring Wisely
Colors send out energy that can impact your daily efficiency. Choose office colors that will help enhance your senses and keep you alert. Choose warm colors that will promote energy, make you feel optimistic, and encourage happiness. The colors you choose should be based on your job being mind-work or physical tasks. Completely red walls may send off too much energy based on your job description. Choose a color that works well with the natural and artificial lighting in your office.

Before you even move to your new office it’s a good idea to plan every detail around the concept of improving workplace efficiency, if it’s done in the right way it can make you and your team feel good about your job and boost your workplace morale to create the maximum workplace efficiency.