Wood is a long-standing interior trend that perfectly ties into the minimalist style. Wood and timber materials are highly effective both aesthetically and sustainably. Natural materials often possess a natural character and style that synthetic fabrics do not offer. You can use teak, oak, beech, mahogany and various other types of wood in your home. Each wood has its appearance and strengths. Look for wooden materials that are FSC logo guaranteed – these have been sourced in responsibly managed forests. 

Here are a few ideas on how to use wooden materials in your property. 

Wooden floors

Wooden flooring is often called parquet flooring. Use oak planks treated in oil to create a parquet style. Wooden flooring can add luxury and warmth to your home and aligns with a neutral colour palette. You can invest in custom parquet flooring in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and widths. 


Wooden panelling is making a comeback in the interior industry. Panelled walls make a great addition to countryside homes or period properties. You can save money by preparing and installing the panels yourself or hire an expert tradesman. Either way, the of use glue adhesive to secure the panels to the wall is typically the easiest and most effective method. 

Wooden materials can be incorporated into your home with simple supplies and basic DIY skills. 


Reclaimed wooden beams can add character and a touch of history to any home. You will need to hire a renovator to restore original wooden beams in your property and to check their condition. 

Wooden ceilings are also thermal and sound insulators. You can opt for a suitable wooden material for your budget or use imitation timber for an elegant design style. 

Doors and stairs

It’s traditional for homes to have a wooden door. One of the most popular advantages of wooden features is that you can repaint them. Consider painting the inside of your wooden door in a bright colour to add a lovely accent in your hallway. You could opt for a vibrant yellow or red to add a splash of fun to your home. 

Wooden staircases are durable and can act as a beautiful feature. Leave them unpainted and go for a simple varnish to let the wood’s natural quality shine through. You could even build a bookcase into your wooden staircase for a retro feel.


The minimalist trend features all kinds of wooden furniture and decorative items. Instead of investing in renovations, incorporate wooden bowls, tea light holders or photo frames. Wooden accessories are a brilliant way to keep your home modern without breaking the bank on a whole new staircase. 

Wooden materials can add colour and texture to an otherwise neutral home. Style your wooden features with luxurious throws, cushions and rugs and a bold accent colour.