Our cats and dogs can be adorable little creatures capable of filling our lives with many sweet and sincere moments. But, there are times when they end up on our bad side because of things they do that they shouldn’t: Big smelly stains on the couch, stinking mishaps on the carpet.

Does your pet’s aroma or habits leave something to be desired? When you come across one of the categories of stinky pets it’s time to find the best odor eliminator for pets.

Bad Breath

Halitosis is among the most common sources of foul smells in our pets. Some pets have bad breath from their mouths and tummies as well as their teeth. To deal with these smells requires a change in their diets and possibly the addition of pre- or probiotics to their food.

Smelly Ears

Smelly Ears

Ear infections are invariably skin infections. Very specific odors emanate from fruity-smelling yeast infections that can turn cheesy.

Infections should be dealt with by treating underlying conditions with topical antibiotics and antifungal medications.

But cleaning ears with mild disinfectant solutions is advisable regularly.

Wet Dogs

If you have a dog that spends half its life in a pool, a river, a puddle or pond, you’ll know the stench. It may be that the dog likes to run around in a humid backyard.

Wildlife Encounters

Wildlife Encounters

There are plenty of dogs that like nothing better than stopping, dropping and rolling when they see and smell something like a rotting carcass or some wild animal’s droppings. It can be the foulest smelling thing you are likely to come across.

Solving this problem can mean restricting your pet’s unsupervised activities. But there are plenty of commercially available products that will help you treat the foul odors.

No one will argue with you that having a pet has many health and emotional benefits. But we are all likely to suffer accidents when we have furry friends sharing our homes – despite our best efforts.

It may be due to one of the above or it could be the result of an upset stomach. There are many different reasons for our pets to fail to hang on and leave us unwelcome messages inside the house.

There are a few times when you can, of course, clear up the mess by getting down on your hand and knees to scrub the floor with any old household cleaner. But the chances are that you will find the pet’s stains ridiculously stubborn.

To make things even more mixed up and complex, especially when urine is involved, there’s a nasty unctuous smell that always seems to stay around and hang in the air if not to your rug.

Luckily many life savers can be ordered in so they are always on hand in the form of the best odor eliminators for pets.