When a plumbing problem occurs at home, it can be very frustrating. Home plumbing affects our daily house routines such as daily sanitation and overall home cleaning issues.

What if you could not flush the toilet or could not wash the dishes because the sink clogs? What about a plumbing emergency at night like a pipe bursting water big time?

These are some of the plumbing problems that may cause you inconveniences. If this happens, it is important to know who the one to call to help you fix what needs to be fixed.

Here are the things that you should consider doing if you want to get the best solutions for all your plumbing concerns:

What Should You Consider in Hiring a Plumber?

Experience is very important in hiring a plumber or a plumbing contractor. Even if you think your concern is minor, an inexperienced one may cause further damages.

Scout for the plumber that has extensive years of experience and with relevant job experiences. Make sure you deal with licensed and leading plumbers in Mandurah. This is to make sure that everything is done properly and you won’t encounter other issues along the way.

Plumbing costs vary. Experienced ones may command higher prices. The quality of work cannot be compromised. Don’t settle with getting the lowest rate without checking the experience of the plumber. It will be best to get a contractor that provides an affordable yet high quality work.

Plumbing Regulations

Australian Standards (AS3500 and 5601) and the Plumbing Code of Australia provide the rules and regulations. The plumbers should abide by the rules and regulations. Failure to comply has consequences.

The Plumbing Code of Australia contains the technical requirements that are critical in the understanding design, installation, and drainage systems. It also gives provisions on design, construction, repairs, and maintenance of water systems. These also include sanitary plumbing and drainage systems.

In Australia, the Building and Construction Commission also regulates the plumbers. Below are the plumbing and drainage professional licenses:

  • Post-apprenticeship provisional licenses
  • Occupational plumbers and drainage license (after the provisional period)
  • Contractor’s license

If the person does not have a contractor’s license, he can only work as an employee of a licensed contractor.

Licenses are very important in the plumbing industry. This means you can trust the plumber. It helps to guarantee the quality of work.

Hiring the Right Plumbing Contractor

To ensure the highest quality of plumbing work, many opt to get a contractor. This way, the supervision of the work is done. If you are dealing with a company, you can always elevate problems to the management. If you are not happy with the job, you can ask another person from the company to do it. They can also give warranties to the work done.

Dealing with a contractor can help reduce your headache in sourcing materials needed. They can already immediately help you with the materials and supplies needed. A contractor has complete tools as well.

Plumbing Services

All-Around Plumbing Services

Burst pipes? Blocked drain? Leaks? No problem. Any plumbing problem can easily be solved. An experienced contractor knows how to handle any issue.

Blocked Drains

A blocked drain is a common plumbing problem. A good contractor ensures a full inspection of the situation. The company surveys the inside of the drains and jetting equipment. They will also inspect what is blocking and provide the solutions right and quick.

Emergency Plumbing Services

The advantage of working with contractors is that they have a pool of plumbers. They can respond to any emergencies at any time of the day or night.

Backflow Prevention Services

Backflow prevention services can help you ensure water runs smoothly. The contractor can test and fix existing backflow prevention devices. They can also install new devices to ensure the whole plumbing system works efficiently. Find a contractor that can deal with any system type and size.

Leaking Taps and Toilets

This is a very common household problem. Get a contractor that can handle these types of issues fast. Plus, they should also ensure it does not occur again in the future.

Hot Water Systems

A good contractor can deal with any type of hot water concern. This can be installation, maintenance, or repair.

Plumbing Rates and Costs

The costs of plumbing work greatly vary. It depends on the scope of work. Complexity is also a factor. The pay to the plumber can be an hourly rate. It can also be contract work. Most especially if you have many plumbing issues.

Repairs can be costly also. Upon inspection, it can be a simple easy fix. Or there may be parts that need to be replaced.

The plumbing costs also depend if you want the contractor to buy the materials or you want to buy yourself.

Before embarking on a project, be clear with your contractor on the scope of service. Discuss warranties and possible defects, if any. Cover the project with a cost estimate. Ask the contractor to give you a detailed quotation. Review each line. Discuss the process that needs to be done. Emergencies and night work may also incur additional costs.

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