Mosquito sucking blood on human skin with nature background

The hot and humid summer season is supposed to be enjoyable, fun, and playful, but it becomes hectic, taxing, and worrying with the annoying activity of pests. One pest that we could all agree that is not very pleasant is the mosquitoes. They seem to be everywhere. Furthermore, they become more active during warm months coupled with natural moisture, especially at dawn and dusk or after it rains.  

Deadly Repercussions Brought By Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are, in fact, the deadliest animal in the world. They may be small, but their size does not matter, for they bring terrible and devastating diseases. Reports state that mosquitoes account for 750,000 deaths around the globe every year. Moreover, these pests have been thriving in the world for over 400 million years. They have a long history of being humanity’s fatal killers. 

You may have experienced being bitten by these peeving insects or known someone who is. These insects’ bite produces a red, itchy bump on the skin. This skin irritation is an allergic reaction from the saliva of the mosquitoes. However, when they guzzle blood from one person to another, even animals, they also transmit dreadful diseases and viruses such as dengue, malaria, Zika Virus, and West Nile virus.

Recently, much news about the West Nile virus being detected in mosquitoes are alarming the public. Although there is no reported human case yet, it is best to protect ourselves and prevent these pests from endangering our lives. 

4 Tactics that Kill Mosquitoes

It is crucial to adhere to the mosquito control standard procedures and treatments approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF). EPA encourages the public to practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a science-based, common-sense, and environmentally-friendly approach for controlling and managing pests like mosquitoes. 

The following tactics are critical in formulating a successful integrated strategy in removing mosquitoes and eliminating their habitats. But before you do so, equip yourself with protective gear and equipment.  

1. Eliminate Mosquito Habitats

Like other pests, mosquitoes require shelter to survive. And mosquitoes prefer to breed in places where there is water. It is essential to watch out for areas around your home that have standing water.

  • Remove stagnant water in buckets, old tires, plastic covers, toys, or any other container where they can lay eggs.
  • Treat the water in swimming pools and keep them circulating or drain them if they are not used.
  • Clean and clear out the water in the birdbaths, flower cuttings, fountains, rain barrels, or wading pools every few days. 
  • Properly dispose of trash that can contain water. 
  • Clear clogged gutters or install gutter guards in your gutter system.

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2. Make Use of Structural Barriers

Some mosquitoes frequently bite indoors. Using structural barriers to deny entry to your home will prevent them from coming to you and your family. It also diminishes the chance of being bitten by these insects in the four corners of your home. 

  • Install screens on your windows and doors. 
  • Cover any gaps and holes in doors, walls, and windows. 
  • Seal any edges with caulk. 
  • Repair any leaks around faucets.
  • Cover baby carriers and beds with nets. 

3. Kill Mosquitoes at Larval Stage

Controlling mosquitoes in this stage eliminates them before they emerge as adults. This tactic involves controlling a mosquito’s egg, larva, and pupa stages aside from managing the habitat.

Larvicide treatment is a way to control and reduce the adult mosquito population in an area. It does not encompass only one place, but it is highly recommended to apply larvicide treatment in the community to ensure that mosquitoes would not invade your area. 

One thing to bear in mind is to use larvicides that have EPA-registered active ingredients mixed in them. Besides, the application of larvicides is best handled by expert exterminators. 

4. Kill Adult Mosquitoes

Controlling mosquitoes in the adult stage is the best and quickest option to rid of the mosquito infestation. It also decreases the chances of disease transmission as it quickly deals with mosquitoes through EPA-registered pesticides known as adulticides. The treatment of adulticides involves spraying in the air by aircraft or on the ground by trucks. 

What is the Best Way to Kill Mosquitoes?

Professional mosquito control is always the best option to eliminate these pervasive insects. Whether they are at the larval or adult stage, Bairds Pest Control has a way to get rid of them without endangering you, your family, and your property. Our treatment adheres to the standards of UDAF and EPA. Contact us for an inspection now to protect your family from mosquitoes, and worse, from the dangerous diseases they bring.