Living in a dorm is not an enjoyable experience for most people. Students have a limited amount of space that they often share with strangers. Dorm typically works as both a place to hang out with friends and space for studying. Roommates may have different lifestyles and stick to different schedules. While some of them study hard and devote most of their time to learning, others are more interested in partying. It’s a common problem when neighbors are busy with activities that interfere with each other. For instance, one is writing a research paper whereas the other one is watching Netflix without headphones or having fun with friends. So as you may see, life in a dorm is full of distractions.

Such living conditions don’t contribute to your learning productivity. They may be a reason for falling behind with the studies and breaking important deadlines. The decrease in academic performance may lead to various negative consequences including expelling from college. If you are wondering how to avoid trouble with study, there is a solution that could work for you. Professional Edubirdie tutors can complete any type of assignment you need for a moderate price. Any student can afford to hire a professional writer at Edubirdie when academic problems arise. If you were given a complicated task that you cannot manage, ask this online service for help and stop worrying about your college problems.

The success of your learning depends a lot on the workspace. Creating a comfortable place for studying is one of the ways to encourage yourself and stay efficient. Read the recommendations on how to do it below.

Make everything you need for studying accessible

Not only roommates can interfere students with their study but the absence of necessary stuff as well. You should organize your space to have all the needed materials in it, so you will be able to stay focused exclusively on learning. Place all the textbooks and notebooks you need before your study session, so you will not get distracted by getting them while learning. Make sure that there is a pad of paper and a pen so you are able to make notes while reading and there is no need to go out in the middle of your session to get them. You could also put healthy snacks and water on your desk, this way, you won’t crave for food and will keep your blood sugar up. Having quick access to snacks will prevent you from going to the kitchen every 20 minutes and ensure the “flow state”. Some people also like listening to study music or ambient noise while learning. So you can get headphones and enjoy soft music to block out all the external distractions.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

Avoid being surrounded by things that distract you. For sure, you don’t need your smartphone when you are studying unless you use it for learning. In most cases, your phone is the biggest source of distractions as you constantly get messages from friends and app notifications. Your study space should be a no-phone-zone so you can concentrate on learning better. If you don’t need a laptop to complete a task, you should also put it aside. Having easy access to the Internet can be tempting because you will probably want to take a pause and surf Youtube.

Adjust lighting and temperature if possible

Researchers from Cologne University of Applied Sciences have found that students get more creative under warm life, whereas cold light helps them concentrate better. You can apply this information by adjusting the lighting to get the desired outcome. Some people get energized from sunlight, therefore, a great solution for them would be to study near a window so they always have some natural light coming in. The most important thing is to always experiment with brightness levels and color temperatures to find out what works best for you.

The temperature in your room is also another big factor influencing your productivity. According to the data provided by the researchers from the University of Helsinki and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, productivity is highest in a temperature range between 72°F and 77°F (22°C and 25°C). If you don’t control the temperatures of your study space, you will probably lose focus and make more mistakes.

Decorate your study space

Obviously, you cannot change the furniture in your dorm room, but still, you can add some flair to your study space by decorating it. A few beautiful details can boost your mood and make you happy to work in your room. Create the space that will help you feel like home by placing artworks, posters, and small bright pieces of furniture.

Those who live in a dorm may often feel discouraged to study. There are many factors that interfere with the productive study but luckily you can do something to diminish their effect. One of the ways to boost your efficiency is by setting a beautiful comfortable study space. Consider the ideas mentioned in this article and check if they work for you!