Flooring is the focal point of your house. It brightens up even the darkest of the interior and gives life to your home. It provides style and injects personality and, at the same time, provides comfort underfoot. We have to take adequate measures to keep it safe and long-lasting. Here are some tips to make your floor stunningly beautiful.

Protect Your Floor from Discoloration

Like all organic materials, your wood floors will change color when exposed to the elements, including water and light. The discoloration is due to exposure to the light emitted by the light bulb, putting rugs, and the rays of the sun. Direct sunlight is the most significant factor that causes floor discoloration. To prevent this, put blinds on your windows to filter the rays of the sun. Curtain alone can’t lessen the heat, especially if the fabric is thin. Besides, the rugs also caused fading and discoloration of the floor. Rugs block the UV light from hitting the floors, the same as the blinds. To prevent this, make sure to move the carpet now and then and check underneath to ensure that the discoloration is happening evenly. Apart from this, if there is no need to use light, don’t switch it on. Turn it off immediately after each use. This way, you protect your floor and, at the same time, make savings for your electric bill.

Use Appropriate Tools for Cleaning

Don’t use standard household dusting products. Use tools specifically designed for your floor. An item such as microfiber is perfect for sweeping. It can pull out dirt and dust between the boards. You can also use a floor polisher machine; there is a lot of polisher in the market you can choose from. It will not only clean and polish your floor, but preserve it as well. Note that by using the right tools, it will speed your cleaning time and make cleaning your floor convenient for you.

Don’t Drag or Push Furniture

The need to rearrange furniture is inevitable since we get tired of seeing our home arrangement year after year. It is refreshing to see a new house design; just remember not to drag or even push your home fixture in the process. Pulling your furniture one site to another can leave scratches, scuffs, dents, or gouges on your floor. If needed, you can ask for help in lifting more massive furniture. Another way of preventing scratch is by putting furniture pads; they give layers of protection between your floor and the feet of your fixture. Besides these, trim the claws of your pets regularly. Their nails don’t just scratch your floor, but also your sofas.

Putting Mats

Mats help prevent dirt and debris from your floors, and it is the easiest way to protect it from damage. Put it in areas with more foot activities like your kitchen or living room. Mats also protect your floors from spills. When you spill something like coffee or water, dry it at once so the liquid won’t seep through the wooden floor and cause damage.

In general, keeping your floor clean at all times is essential to maintain the stunning look of your floors. Keep in mind that there are a lot of ways of taking care of your floor surface from damage. Be diligent in polishing and cleaning it because dirt can also scratch your floors. Make it clean and shiny for your satisfaction.