Moving to Germany from the US means you have to meet certain eligibility requirements. Things like financial stability. It’s providing you health insurance, basic proficiency in German, and so on. Such requirements make it useful and convenient for the immigrant to have a pleasant stay in the country.

A few things are important to know and are aware of if you wish to move to Germany from the US, and we list the mandatory items here.

Besides the eligibility conditions, moving to another country can be the most exciting part of your life, even for a short duration. And, Germany is best for a lot of reasons, if you ask us.

Find the Cost of Living in the New Country

There is a piece of good news and a greater chance that you will love Germany if you move from the US. In the US some densely populated regions and elite neighborhoods can cost a fortune.

  • As per some estimates, a regular haul to the grocery store for cheese, milk, bread, apples, beer, lettuce, and potatoes will cost you around $25 as opposed to $50 in a similar neighborhood in the US.
  • This means that you are saving up to a 50% reduction in the cost of living. Therefore, it means that if you are shifting from New York to Berlin, you will be saving 50% on your cost on groceries per year. That is around $2500.
  • The new country, Germany pays well too. The income in Deutschland is around $52k, an average, in comparison to the US. It is $5000 more.

Get Free Quotes from Shipping Companies

If there is one single thing you must find out before moving to another country, it’s the price of moving. Sure, you can get your documents checked and verified. You can apply for the legal documents and stuff but you can’t shift your home in one go. Going for a small trip is different than going to work for a longer period of time, employment, and or settling.

Good Healthcare Options and Home Await You

Germany is a land where you will find goodness in lumps. The country has been adamant in bringing new immigrants and creating opportunities for travel, tourism, employment, and more. With the US, there is really no comparison.

  • If you are looking to rent a 1BHK flat in New York, doing the same in Berlin is 1/3 of the cost. It is nearly half the price that they seek in Los Angeles.
  • You will be saving a whole lot of money on home and living expenses. Accommodation is pretty affordable if you are moving to Germany from the US.
  • Then, healthcare is a wonderful mechanism in Berlin. The US’s healthcare system is one of the lowest in the world. It is lower than in Germany, so you are better off there.
  • As per WHO, US healthcare is even lower than Morocco, Dominica, Costa Rica, among others. While the US comes 38th, Germany is 12th.
  • People tend to live longer and have a higher life expectancy in Germany than that of the US. This is alone a big thing for shifting to the new country. So, check your shipping rates once a lifetime move.

Finally, Get Your Documents Right

From the VISA to other documents, everything is simpler with Germany. If you are moving your entire house and shipping your stuff, from the US to Germany, there are little hurdles you will face. So, getting your documents is the final step.

  • You will need an application so that you can meet your immigration officer. Your passport must be valid for another 4 months, and your photos must be valid. Official confirmation of your legal addresses is necessary too.
  • Bank statements that you can pay your way to and fro Germany are all that you need. Next, you must have proof that you’ve got general health insurance.
  • Any other documents you need will be listed and you can have them ready before you meet. The documentation is an easier process with Germany.


Moving to Germany from the US comes with a lot of inherent benefits and from the perspective of a job, employment, and a good future as well. From living expenses, adequate shipping and affordable rates, yearly benefits from health, and other costs. Germany is a great location for retiring and settling after you are done. You can enjoy one of the best places in Europe if you wish to live in Germany.