As exciting as it is to think about moving to your new residence, especially when you uproot your life to a new destination, moving still comes with the same old hassles and stresses. This makes the process quite difficult as it requires so much forward planning to make the trip successful. Of course, moving large furniture pieces brings about its own set of challenges, as you’ll have to arrange that independently from your own trip and luggage. 

Luckily, with some simple tips and reliable companies, you don’t have to bear the burden yourself. To successfully move your furniture internationally from one home to another, use this guide to make moving abroad easy and stress-free. 

Plan Ahead 

In order to ensure your furniture shipment is a smooth process, you need to plan ahead of time. Give yourself plenty of time so that the timing does not coincide with you trying to arrange other important tasks regarding your new home and your new destination. Make sure you can focus solely on furniture shipment when the time approaches so that you are prepared and know what you’re shipping, what you’re selling, and what you’re storing. Advance planning also ensures you arrange everything on time and fit within your desired time-frame as well as giving yourself enough time to save money and pack efficiently. 

Consider Costs

You’ll need to consider how many furniture pieces and items you plan on taking with you, because the more you bring, the higher the costs. If you can’t afford to leave anything behind in a self-storage or sell any of your furniture, then you’ll want to start saving money in advance. Moreover, if you are having your furniture flown over, you might need to pay for more than one trip, since airplanes can’t hold as much cargo as ships. Another cost to consider is the variances between freight companies. Doing your research and comparing costs is imperative to securing the best deal for your international move. The better freight match transportation options come from companies who have experience moving large quantities of goods and have reliable services.

Plan Packaging

You’ll want to pack in advance to give yourself plenty of time to properly and efficiently send your belongings over. It’s best to disassemble all furniture even though you may not want to have to restructure your dining table or couch once you arrive, it is the best way to ensure a smooth trip. Moreover, label everything and protect fragile items by sealing them with a safe and protective cover. You can use a durable box, wrap your items in bubble wrap, and fill the bottom of the box with packing peanuts. Most importantly, you ought to be space-efficient. Utilize the draws and cabinets by placing other items inside. 

Arrange Shipment

Arrange the type of shipment you’ll be using to move your furniture overseas. The best and most common way to move household belongings is by shipping them via sea freight where an international shipping company sends a container to your home, loads up your furniture, and sets sail to your new destination. Most of these companies offer door-to-door service and handle all the furniture transportation like delivering the container and unloading your belongings for you. An agent is also present to ensure your container is sent to the correct carrier and delivered to the correct address. Moreover, oversee that customs clearance documents are complete before submission. These companies are very thorough throughout the process. It’s important to note that you’ll be offered different shipment options. The Full Container Load (FCL) and the Less Container Load (LCL) depending on the number of belongings you need transferred over. Consider the amount of furniture you have and how large or heavy-weight they are. 

Moving via air freight is the road less taken because it’s a much more expensive route. Moreover, there’s no proof that it’s safer, only that it’s faster. But speed should not be as prioritized as safety in this situation. Moreover, there’s a significant weight limit that makes it difficult for you to move the number of belongings you want since an airplane holds a limited amount of cargo. However, many people still use this option because they like the convenience of having their furniture flown to their destination quickly, especially if they’re on a short time frame. In which case, the high cost is worth it. 

Moving isn’t easy and many people prefer a cost-effective solution as well as a safe and convenient process to send their belongings over to their new destination. As the UK-based specialists from explain, people traveling overseas can make their relocation stress and hassle-free with a shipping company. Look for reliability and competency when choosing the right shipping company for your furniture, vehicles, and excess baggage. To ensure you are getting a quality and secure service, check the top-ranking companies with the most valuable experience. 

Rent Storage for Other Household Items

Consider the rest of your household items that you will not be able to bring with you. If you can’t send everything in one go and don’t wish to sell your items, it might be best to rent storage so that you can deter any extra hassles or extra costs. That way you can put your belongings away and return to collect them later on after you have settled into your new home. 

Consider Car Shipment Along with Furniture

It’s important to consider your car along with the rest of your furniture to determine how you’re going to transfer it over. Moreover, how vital is it for you to have your car. Will you need it right away as soon as you move or can it wait? 

You’ll need to proceed with proper research before choosing a car shipment company. If you’re moving via sea freight, you won’t have to worry too much because your car will travel along with your furniture. However, if you are moving via air freight, this will be even more costly because you’ll need to pay for two trips. Moreover, you’ll need to arrange pick-up and delivery, insurance, and book well in advance. 

Understandably, getting your finances in order, uprooting your life, and getting your whole family prepared for their new home is a lot of work. In other words, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in this situation. But with forward planning, some helpful tips, and the right shipment company that takes care of the heavy load for you, you’ll be able to focus on all the fun parts about traveling to your new location.