The kitchen is the center of the home, the place where we cook meals for family and friends and we require a pleasant space that is easy and efficient to work in, without taking too much of our time and energy. Careful thought is needed to plan the central space to make it both practical and pretty. There are a number of details to consider while setting up a kitchen, but these safety tips from Kitchens by Bowen, can get you up, whether you are beginning from scratch or refurbishing your kitchen on the Sunshine Coast.

 1.Follow the golden triangle rule – for efficiency, the cooking, storage, and cleaning areas should be set at 3 functional points, forming a fine work triangle. This provides easy movement between the hob, refrigerator and sink and other activities, as opposed to having all work areas side by side. 

This setup may not be feasible for all the spaces, but you could tweak the arrangement to make it work for you, where the hob and the sink are in a straight line with the fridge opposite to it forming an isosceles triangle. 

2.Demarcate areas – assign areas like that you have all of the utensils near each other, all of the appliances near to each other, and all of the ingredients in one place. This helps you to be more organized and events wasting time looking for things where they shouldn’t be. This makes easy access to the utensils and ingredients of cooking used most often, spices and oils near the cooktop with cooking spoons and ladles, platters, knives, and chopping boards near the preparation space, baking dishes close to the oven. 

3. Get creative with space-saving techniques – we all require more storage and easy hacks. Pop-out preparation boards when you are having less counter space, folding trolleys in place of an island, pull out shelves in place of regular drawers, wall mounted storage, flush set sinks and built-in appliances are a few smart storage solutions. 

4.Light up well – a well-illuminated kitchen is necessary while working and moving around. It makes preparation and cooking safe, it shows up dirt so you may keep your workplace clean and it makes a pleasant environment. When picking out light fixtures, make sure that you get accent lights,  task lights, and ambient lights. Downlights are perfect for ambient lighting and prevent shadows and glare, strip lighting is useful under cabinets to light countertops and pendant lights are a good accent over the island counter.

5. Ventilation – the smell of cooking can get right into the fabric of the kitchen and spread in the entire home. Windows or exhaust just do not cut it the manner chimney does, which does wonders in keeping the kitchen smoke, odour, and grime free. 


Avoids the trends. Your kitchen should be a reflection of your personality and your lifestyle. Choose textures, lighting, accents to match your personal aesthetic. After all, the kitchen is where you spend a good amount of time making food for the family.