Are you searching for ways to eliminate termites naturally? You have come to the right place. You’ll find this blog post useful as it entails all possible and effective ways you can get rid of termites naturally. 

Failure to regularly check if termites have invaded your home can lead to them taking advantage and cause damages. Termites take less time; you can think to chew your house beams and leave them to fall. 

If you have spotted that termites have invaded your house, you need to think of ways to eliminate them before they cause damage. Countering them before they cause damage will save you a huge amount of money for repairing and time. 

Below we have researched the best natural termite control ways from your house one and for all. However, they may come back, so you need to keep checking your house. For more detailed information about natural termite control, I advise you to navigate to this website.

How to eliminate termites naturally.

Eliminating termites doesn’t have to be daunting; there are natural ways to go about it, and they have proven to be effective ways. Mostly you will use the home treatments, which are cheap and readily available. In most households, they are found in the kitchen. 

These natural ways kill the termites because you get to poison them. But other ways will only chase the termites away. No matter the method you choose, it will eliminate the termites. 


One of the natural ways to eliminate termites is to buy the nematodes and introduce them where you have spotted that have settled. Nematodes love to eat the termites, so it is like you are feeding them their favourite meal. 

You can buy the nematodes online or check out stores specializing in selling related products. You need to buy a good amount of the nematodes to be effective even though they do reproduce. It may take a while to eliminate all the times, but with time nematodes will do their work and get rid of them. 


 Vinegar is one of the most used household products. The main use is to clean almost everything in the kitchen, but you can also use vinegar to kill termites. 

You need to have lemons and vinegar mix the two. The solution is effective and will kill all the termites. The best way to apply the solution is to put it in a spraying bottle and spray all areas where you see termites. 

The solution is acidic so that it will kill the termites after contact. Don’t spray once, and then you are done. Keep checking if there are remaining termites and apply the solution. 


Sodium borate is another kitchen product you can use the kill termites. In most cases, you will find it being sold as a borax powder.

There are two ways to use it and kill all the termites. One way is to apply the power where you see termites, and the other way is to mix it with water and spray in areas where you see termites. 

Ensure you spray it effectively in all areas where the termites have settled, and you can come back later and apply it.

Orange Oil

Orange oil is the most effective way to eliminate termites. You can find the solution from the nearest garden store or buy it online. The orange oil is derived from orange peels

Orange oil dissolves the termites, leading to moisture and protein loss and death. The result is a disintegration of orange oils. 

The best way to use the orange oil and kill termites is to spray the solution directly onto the termites. You can also spray the oil to prevent termites from entering the area. As a result, if you have termites or not, spraying them monthly is a fantastic strategy to keep your home free of them.

Wet Cardboard

Water and cellulose are two things that Termites love. With that knowledge, you can lure the termites then eliminate them, which is how to go about it. First, you need to have cardboard and then spray it with water.  Take the cardboard and place it around where you spotted the termites. The termites will be attracted to invade the cardboard within no time. 

After termites have invaded the cardboard, take it and burn it, and kill all the termites if you can see that termites are set in the buffet. Repeat the process to remove termites as often as necessary.


Termites don’t like to be exposed to sunlight. It is the reason why they form a layer of soil even if they invade your home to avoid being exposed to the sunlight

With that knowledge, you can eliminate the termites by exposing them to sunlight. If you spot where they have settled, remove the soil layer and leave them to burn in the sunlight. Even if they have made holes dig them and expose them to termites. 

Eliminate Termites with Salt

Salt is must-have in your kitchen, and you can use it to eliminated termites naturally. Salt appears rather harmless, but it can scare the bravest termites into their hearts. Termites will be killed by concentrated salt solution because they will become dehydrated and die.

Just add salt and warm water in a regular quarter jar and mix until you are well mixed. The more salt you use to prepare the salt solution, the more effective the solution will be and kill the termites within no time.

Fill a regular syringe halfway with the salty/water combination and spray it into any entry or exit locations you’ve found. After you’ve treated the primary infestation areas with the mixture, use it as a preventative measure by spreading that around your house or any other high-risk areas.

This approach will most likely not kill all of the termites, but it will be a decent prophylactic measure or lesser termite infestation.


Eliminating termites doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. There are natural ways to get rid of termites. These natural ways are effective, and if you try one method and it is not fully effective, try another one.