Studies show that long hours of sitting on your desk increases your risk of developing illnesses, including heart disease, lower back pain, obesity, and affects your overall productivity. Whether you’re a professional or a student who has been affected by the global pandemic and transition from office space to a work-from-home setup, standing desks are gaining popularity, not just for their ergonomic factors but with proven health benefits. 

If you are searching for the most reliable and excellent standing desk, what factors should you check and where to buy them? How long should you stand? What are the health benefits of desk converters, and why swap your conventional office desk and chair? 

Who Makes The Best Standing Desk?

Several reasons continue to emerge as desk converters continue to invade offices and home set up a workplace. The first is to combat the long hours of sitting, which leads to a sedentary lifestyle that results in various health issues. While it takes time to get used to the setup, it’s vital to reconsider it today. 

Shopping for the best standing desk is not easy as there are plenty of manufacturers who claim optimum efficacy, comfort, ergonomic designs, durability, and affordability. Every manufacturer has its merits, but stands out from the competition regarding build, comfort, style, and functionalities. They are the most sought-after supplier and manufacturer of sit-stand and standing desks converters. 

Here are the top three leading sit-stand and standing desks suppliers you should check: 

1. Updown Desk Australia

When it comes to innovation, design, functionalities, and comfort, this manufacturer understands your every need. It helps office and at-home setup employees and entrepreneurs improve their productivity and health. 

Their sit-stand desk converters are accessible to everyone and allow you to move whenever needed freely. With guaranteed customer satisfaction and a great deal for your money, this mission has been proven through positive insights from their happy clients. 

2. SHW Electric Height-Adjustable Computer Desk 

When it comes to a standing desk and sit-stand converter desk, you want one that’s functional enough to improve productivity while it’s sturdy to keep your office equipment safe and secured. This manufacturer understands both office goers’ very needs and work at home setup and provides it for you. 

This desk comes with a standard wire management tray and a digital keypad, which offers presets and easy assembly. 

3. ApexDesk Elite Series

The ApexDesk Elite Series provides a gorgeous and sturdy standing desk that comes in two variations to accommodate all your office needs. This office desk is designed for comfort both in standing and sitting positions. 

This desk allows you to manage and organize your wires in one place to ensure a neat and multifunctional space for better productivity and health.

How Long Should You Stand At A Standing Desk?

Living a sedentary life means you have less activity than usual and most office goers have to deal with sitting for long hours every day. Breaking this cycle can be a challenge as technology continues to simplify our lives. For instance, sitting all day has been linked to various health issues, including heart disease, obesity, and back pain. 

According to research, standing for a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes per hour is beneficial for your overall health. Using innovations like standing desks or sit-stand desk converters are the best way to prevent this sedentary routine. Aside from that, you can achieve tons of health benefits when you frequently move, including boosting your productivity. 

However, standing while working still depends on the person’s overall health condition. Historically, it should be a 3:1 ratio to ensure better health. If you work for about eight hours a day (sitting most of the time), you’ll have to watch your time and try to stand for a full 30 minutes each hour. 

A standing desk allows you to balance your routine, but it requires ample time to get used to it. They are designed to help improve your health, but not all people must stand while working. There are several factors that you need to consider before investing in sit-stand converter desks. 

  • Nature of work
  • Functionalities
  • Health condition/risks
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Budget

What Are The Health Benefits Of Standing Desk?

With a myriad of innovations to improve our health and overall well-being, standing desks are the “new thing” you should consider adding to your work-at-home or office setup. Here are the benefits you may want to consider: 

  • It lowers your risk of developing obesity and gaining weight. Standing for about 30 minutes per hour helps you burn more calories compared to sitting.
  • It lowers your blood sugar. This can prevent further development of type 2 diabetes and help stabilize your sugar level, especially after each meal. 
  • It lowers the risks of heart illnesses. 
  • It helps reduce lower back pain and improve your posture.
  • It helps boost your productivity, energy levels, and mood.
  • Standing can prevent early death. 


A standing desk can improve your overall health and well being as well as increase productivity. Most offices are now investing in desk converters to better productivity, monitor their overall lifestyle, and improve their health. If you plan to purchase one, check out the top three best manufacturers and purchase yours today.