Are your curtains starting to show their age a bit? Have years of sunlight turned your previously bright and beautiful curtains into a dull, faded mess? Are you starting to see the fabric fray? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it would seem like you’re overdue a new set of curtains.

As they say, “all good things must come to an end,” so it may be time to say goodbye to those old curtains and say hello to a new set of curtains!

But knowing what curtain you need can be confusing if you’re not a certified curtain expert, but never worry! After all, sharing is caring, so we’ve spoken to the curtain experts over at DotcomBlinds to get them to open up their noggins and give you a few nuggets of knowledge, so read of if you want some top tips on choosing the right curtains for your windows!

Do You Have A Curtain Track Or Curtain Pole?

This first question is incredibly important and will decide what sort of hanging system you can use for your new curtains, as some curtains can only be used with a track and others can only work with a curtain pole.

If you have a curtain pole, you will need a set of eyelet curtains for your pole. Eyelet curtains have holes at the top of the curtain where you can thread the pole through, allowing the curtain to move along the pole.

On the other hand, if you have a track, you’ll need some hooked curtain like a pencil pleated or double pleated curtain. These curtains connect to the hooks on the curtain track by looping the hoop under small fabric strips on the top of the curtain.

If you don’t currently have either a curtain pole or curtain track installed, you can opt for any curtain, but make sure you buy a pole or track to hang your new curtains.

What Size Are The Windows?

The size of your windows is an important thing you should know, especially if you’re going to purchase a made to measure curtain! But whether you buy made to measure or off the shelf, you’ll want your measurements handy.

If you buy your new curtains off the shelf, you’ll want to know the measurements to find a curtain that’s an appropriate size. Unfortunately, pre-made off the shelf curtains won’t always be a perfect fit, so you may need to cut down your new curtains.

With made to measure, your measurements are incredibly important because your supplier will make your new curtains to the exact size you request. If your window is an odd size or just large, made to measure will be the best option for you and your window.

What Room Is The Window In?

What room your curtain will be in, will have an impact on what curtains are appropriate. Most rooms will work with any curtain, but certain rooms have certain requirements that your curtain should meet.

In a bedroom, you’ll want a curtain made with a blackout material or blackout lining; this will help block out light pollution from outside and keep your bedroom nice and dark, which will make it easier to sleep in your bedroom.

Bathrooms and kitchens should have a curtain made from water-resistant material so that it doesn’t degrade over time. And if possible, curtains in your bathroom and kitchen should be made of an easy to clean or wipe-clean material like PVC that can easily be cleaned up if there are any spillages.

All the other rooms of your home, like living rooms, home offices, and hallways have no real specific requirements.

What Way Does Your Window Face?

Finally, we move on to which direction your window faces, as the direction the window faces will affect how much light and heat the curtain will receive, so it’s important to take that into account!

The problem mainly lies with south-facing windows, as they will get the most light and heat, so it is recommended that you opt for thermal or reflective curtains. With a set of thermal or reflective curtains, you will be able to negate the extra heat from the south-facing window to keep your home cool in the Summer.

You don’t need to take the direction into account for windows that face east, west or north, unless they get incredibly hot during the day.