Among the most important rooms in your house is the living room. It’s here that you’ll be spending most of your time at home, after all. While the functionality of your kitchen and bathroom is important, and the comfort of your bedroom is critical, it’s only in the living room that looks come to the fore. This is the room you’ll be looking at the most, and so keeping things stylish is paramount.

The occasional refresh can ensure that your décor remains ahead of the game. But exactly how do you go about restyling a living space? Here, we’ll provide a few helpful tips.

Settle on a Theme

Settle on a Theme
If you proceed by just haphazardly buying any items of furniture that take your fancy, then you might end up creating an inconsistent mess. If you decide midway through the process that things aren’t working, then it’ll cost time, effort and money to go back to where you started and get things going again. You can avoid this by settling on a theme early on. A good strategy is usually to pick out a few key items, from a quality manufacturer like Cox & Cox, and build the rest of the room around them.

Decide on a Colour Scheme

As part of your initial planning stage, you should be thinking about what colours you’re going to be using, even if it’s only a rough idea. Choices in colour and lighting will enormously impact the overall mood of the room, and while you’ll be able to tweak things later, the colour of your walls will influence your purchasing decisions when it comes to furniture.

Think about Practicality

Your living room might mostly be for lounging around in, but that doesn’t mean that the items can’t serve a useful function. By incorporating the right storage solutions, you’ll ensure that loose remote controls, cables and scented candles have a place to live when you’re not using them.

What can be Upcycled?

What can be Upcycled
Refreshing a living space needn’t mean replacing absolutely everything in it. Certain older items of furniture are designed to be repaired rather than replaced. By giving an ailing oak coffee table a sand, a wash and a coat or two of wax, you might find that it looks better than ever. Moreover, some items can be repurposed to live entirely new lives, without being consigned to the landfill. If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find plenty of upcycling success stories on the internet.

Dispose of your old stuff

If you can’t fit your existing furniture into your new setup, then you shouldn’t immediately throw it out. There may be people in your vicinity who’ll take it off your hands – and some might even pay you! Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are great means of selling (or giving away) your stuff. Smaller items can be taken to your local charity shop.