If you are on the heavier side, it is highly recommended that you make sure that you choose a perfect mattress best for your body type. Sure, you need an equal amount of sleep just like the rest, hence making sure that you are getting not just the right amount but good quality of sleep is a must. 

You might be thinking, which mattresses for heavy people is best for you? The good news is, there are tons of mattress options available in the market today, and they are made to address different type of sleepers, different body types and weight. 

So, as someone who is shopping for a mattress, it is very important that you consider different factors ensuring that even if you are on the heavier side, you will still have the best sleep possible. 

Getting Enough Support

To make sure you get good quality of sleep, getting support from a mattress is a must. A mattress that is firm could help straighten your back, and provide enough support to resist your current weight and push against it. 

For people weighing 200lbs, the best bet are firmer mattresses and a frame that is heavier for added support. But of course, not all the time, the firmer is better for heavier sleeper, as there are some instances where softer mattresses are better. Needless to say, the decision on whether it is firmer or softer boils down to the specific heavy person sleeping style and comfort.

Orthopaedic or hybrid mattresses are a good option as orthopaedic are made to provide support, firmness and stability while hybrid mattresses combination of springs and foam made it a perfect choice for any sleeper’s type and weight. 

Maintaining A Good Body Temperature

You might experience waking up in the middle of the night sweating, hence it is best if you choose a mattress that provides cooling and breathable properties. Hot sleepers are most of the time happening to heavy people, and for this condition spring based mattress is a good option as the memory foam, as it gives more area for circulation and this does not retain heat fast. 

You would never want to have a sweaty night all night long as that won‘t give you the chance to sleep well. 

You may not have a complete control of the weather condition, but by using the right mattress, you would be given a fresher and more comforting sleep. 

Invest And Consider Thickness Of The Mattress

One of the things people forget is considering the thickness of the mattress. For heavy people, mattress thickness is very important, as the level of compression support for thick mattresses are better while the sinking and sagging can be prevented. 

The heavy weight of the sleeper could cause the mattress to sag earlier than expected, hence thickness plays a huge role in making sure that the lifespan of the mattress won’t be affected as much despite the weight of the person sleeping on it. 

Consider Partners And Guests To Considerations

Make sure that apart from your weight, you are also considering the weight of the person sleeping next to you at night. A heavy person’s movement on a bed may vibrate to the person next to him/her, hence choosing a bed with individual springs, like hybrid mattress is a good choice. 

Make sure that when choosing a mattress, you are not only considering your weight but also the weight of the person or people sleeping with you. You may also want to ask him/her the level of firmness he/she wants. Sure, you might like firm while he/she wants softer mattress, hence meeting halfway by choosing the most suitable level of firmness for the both of you is recommended. 

Give you and your companion a good sleep at night by choosing a mattress that would fit both of your sleeping habits and weight. 

Consider Your Height

It is not all the time the weight and the width of the bed you have to consider but the length too. Give yourself enough space to move and toss around. If you are sleeping with someone smaller, choose a bed that would fit the tallest person sleeping on the bed. 

Needless to say, the bigger the bed, the better it is for heavier people as this gives them the chance to move around without the fear of falling out of the bed. 

Rotate, Rotate, Rotate

Some do not give much attention with rotating mattresses, as they think it is a complete waste of time. But considering that this can give longer lifespan to mattress, to up to five years, doing so must be considered. Since it is being rotated regularly, the weight and pressure is being distributed evenly, hence expect a longer life span to mattresses.