Many people think that making a home eco-friendly is a costly venture. There are those projects with big price tags, but you would be surprised how easy it is to get started without spending too much money. Here are some great suggestions for reducing your carbon footprint by making your home eco-friendly, at the same time upping its resale value.

Energy consumption is a major issue these days. That said, working towards better energy efficiency is going to save you money at the same time. As you can see, this type of goal comes with many benefits. Tips like lowering your thermostat during the winter and upping it a degree or two during the summer help indeed. The same goes for using energy efficient lightbulbs. You’ve certainly heard those tips before but let them be a reminder to you about how easy it is to get started.
Home Eco Friendly
Have you considered smart home automation? Now this is where certain projects can get a little more costly. There are many green energies moves that you can make if you opt for home automation, and you can take it slowly. Look for the simple moves to make at first, and then you can ramp up your efforts from there.

The same goes for solar panels if you want to look into renewable energy. Remember that this type of decision can save you a lot of money in the long run. It does take some time, but solar panels are a great idea for the right place in the right environment.

Did you know that there are sustainability consultants, too? Talking to these professionals can give you all kinds of ideas, and you can see how they can be instituted within your home. These consultants can work with you directly based on your budget.

Let’s talk about water for a moment. You’re naturally going to want to be sure that you get serious about water consumption. Water is a necessary part of your life but think about how much water we all use. And to boot, we need that hot water all too often. Yet there is another change you can make here as well.

You can opt for a tankless water heater, which is very energy efficient. This type of change can really make a big difference in your home. And it’s upgrades like this that add value to your property. You want to be looking at these types of solutions because they tick all the boxes.

Have you heard of a smart meter? This type of meter can help you when it comes to energy consumption. It’s hard to stay on top of your energy usage every second of the day. If you have a smart meter, some of the work is taken off your hands. This is part of the smart home automation system that was mentioned earlier.
Eco Friendly Home
It was mentioned that making simple changes is important, too. How about cleaning products that contain all-natural ingredients? Yes, cleaning products are used and discarded, so this isn’t a permanent change, right? Well, if you look at the fact that you’re going to continue to purchase these products, this is a permanent change, and very impactful.

Chemicals can be harmful to the environment, and you’re attempting to make your home eco-friendly. The more you limit chemicals, the better. And you don’t have to make those changes all at once. Start by replacing one or two of your cleaning solutions and go from there.

What about insulation? If your home isn’t properly insulated, then you are going to be paying way too much for energy. Plus, you’re not helping when it comes to your impact on the environment. Proper insulation is part of making your home eco-friendly, and it can save you money as well.

Do you purchase recycled products? Again, not every tip is in relation to huge projects you need to undertake in your home. Some of the best tips are based on lifestyle changes. If you make the choice to buy recycled items, then what you have in your home all the way around is more eco-friendly.
Making Your Home Eco Friendly
Have you considered making compost at home? Some people don’t like this suggestion, but it can be very helpful to gardeners. It’s all about sustainability. Making compost is a good idea if you are willing to put in the time. There are all kinds of ways to make this happen.

As you can see, there are more ways than you might have thought to accomplish making your home eco-friendly. Pick one or two tasks that you can take care of easily and build from there. Are you up for the challenge? Maybe it’s time to talk to a sustainability consultant. They can help you set up a blueprint for taking your home in the right direction, one step at a time.