How to stop damage caused by birds

Birds are highly damaging to homes and businesses when they decide to nest. No matter if pigeons, sparrows, seagulls, or crows are at your home, they can cause many problems. However, with our tips, you should be able to prevent birds from infesting your home and causing problems. If your home is already under attack, we recommend contacting a professional company to solve the job as birds are challenging to get rid of. 

Birds carry diseases

Birds are known to carry many health implications that can cause severe issues for you and your family. For example, when there is a bird nesting in your roof space or under your solar panels, you’re putting your family at risk of the range of diseases they carry. Most notable, wild birds often carry salmonella and other infections, and bird poo brings many other problems. Such as damaging the structure and look of your home. The main issues with bird faeces come from if a person in your home has breathing problems or asthma since poo can get stuck in air vents that filter inside. If birds are damaging the structure and causing a horrible smell, companies such as provide cleaning products such as sanitiser and commercial brushes to restore your building.

Birds damage homes

Many birds settle in roof spaces and homes that do not have a pest control provider in their area. For this reason, you’ll need to contact a professional to remove the birds before you begin the cleanup process. Birds take advantage of even the smallest spaces and will cause damage to electrical cables, wiring, vents, clothing and furniture. When it comes to food, expect damage to any food parcels that are left outside. When birds such as seagulls destroy things outside the home, it will end up being costly to keep replacing the damaged goods.

Birds attract other pests

Often, birds will attract a whole range of pests due to how dirty they are. This can include other insects such as mites, fleas and beetles. All of which carry their own diseases and problems. If birds are at your home, expect to have to deal with these types of infestations. Furthermore, insects breed at a much faster rate than birds, so you’ll have thousands of tiny creatures causing problems at your home. If you think you have a parasite issue caused by birds, do not wait, no DIY solution can get rid of the issue properly; you’ll need a professional company to come and remove the mites.

Know the law

Depending on the country you live in, the laws will be different. However, many birds have strict laws surrounding them, and if you have a bird such as a greenfinch, you’ll need to be very careful on how you proceed.

Please read:

Sometimes, if the bird is causing severe damage to your home and you can prove the damage it is causing to your health, there will be special exemptions to move the birds on. This law usually only applies to professional pest controllers, and you should also take the advice they offer as they will have a better understanding of the laws.

How to spot a bird infestation

If you notice one and two birds around your home, it’s more than likely not going to be a severe problem. Birds will often rest on top of roofs to catch a breather before moving on. It becomes a problem when birds are gathering in large numbers and starting to build nests.

The most common signs that it is starting to become a problem includes loud noises from chicks and young birds. Nesting material in your garden, as birds build their nests, the material will come from the roof into your garden—finally, a large amount of bird poo on or around your property.

Clean your garden and home

Birds need a food source to stick around. If you keep your garden clean and don’t allow any access to bin storage, they might eventually move on without a professional. 

Clean all around your garden and make sure there are no bushes, shrubbery, nuts or fruit for them to eat. Our essential advice should help you identify birds on your property and develop a plan to remove them. It also helps to contact a professional if the infestation is severe or the DIY solutions you’ve used does not work.