An incense burner is typically made to light up the incense sticks or cones. You need an incense burner to benefit from the incense, its aroma, and feel the spirituality. The use of incense is now getting pretty common nowadays. Starting from Europe and Asia, incense burners are now widely used in the Middle East.

Incense cones are made of aromatic plants that give a beautiful essence and aroma when used properly in an incense burner. There are many benefits of using incense. And as people are getting aware of the benefits, they are getting more into it.

Benefits of using Incense Burner

If you are still skeptical about using incense or buying an incense burner, let’s make things a little clear for you. The research on incense burners and their benefits are not very vast, but they are still visible.

In this article, we will share some of the benefits of using incense and why people are more driven to buy the best incense burner nowadays.

1.Reduces Bacteria

A recent study proved that burning incense for an hour can reduce bacteria by almost 94%. That means burning incense can provide a great benefit to you by clearing the air around you.

2.Similar to Antidepressants

A study in 2008 showed that burning incense can cause similar results to when people take antidepressants. The aroma of burning incense works positively on the brain and will cause a feeling of relaxation and warmth for people. It also helps in reducing stress and making people more comfortable. This is because the soothing aroma can activate the brain receptors associated with comfortable and warm feelings.

1.Increase Focus

Burning incense and using scents of plants like rosemary and citrus will help you increase focus and think more clearly. Burning incense showed great results of thinking with complete clarity, focusing on your daily chores, and improving mental cognition.

2.Helps in Improving Sleep

If you have insomnia or generally face difficulties getting a night of proper sleep, then incense can be your best friend. Different kinds of essential oils and incense fragrance helps reduce stress and make you more relaxed. And when you are relaxed, you tend to get better sleep.

3.Helps Clear Negative Energy

As we know that incense helps people not only physically but spiritually as well. Burning incense can help clear out all the negative energy on a spiritual level as well. Burning incense is usually linked to meditation and yoga, so it helps us clear our minds and remove the negative vibes from our surroundings.

How to Use an Incense Burner?

It is essential to have an incense burner to use your incense cones appropriately. Now, there are hundreds of incense burners, and you can choose the best incense burner for yourself. But, do you know how to use an incense burner?

Not knowing how to use an incense burner can be harmful to you. Some incidents show that if you do not use the incense burner, it can cause trouble and catch fire. So, let’s break down how to use an incense burner in some easy steps so you can use yours with no trouble.

  1. Pick your favourite scent incense cones
  2. Place your incense burner in a stable and ventilated area
  3. Hold the incense cone with the tweezers
  4. Burn one side of the incense cone with a lighter until the cone catches fire
  5. Once the top of the incense cone is burned, blow the fire out
  6. Now gently place the incense cone on the incense burner top
  7. Enjoy the aromatic fragrance and a beautiful waterfall of incense burner.

Different kinds of incense are used for different incense burners. For example, waterfall incense burners use incense cones to create that waterfall effect. On the other hand, some incense burners use incense sticks and incense powders as well.

Safety Tips

Although incense burners are pretty safe and easy to use, you should always be careful with such things. Here are a few safety tips that you should always keep in mind and follow whenever you use an incense burner.

  • Keep the incense burner away from children
  • If you are asthmatic or have some other sort of breathing problems, do not use an incense burner
  • Always place the incense burner in a ventilated area
  • Incense waterfall will not be created properly if you place it in a windy place
  • Open the windows after using the incense burner
  • Burn one incense cone at a time.

Best Incense Burners

As incense burners are getting pretty common, we see more options for incense burners in the market. Almost all of them promise to be the best incense burner but in reality, not every incense burner is of good quality.

Many things matter when it comes to incense burners, especially if you are looking for a waterfall incense burner. If you are new to buying incense and incense burners, let’s ease your best incense burner hunt and suggest a few.

Bamboo Incense Burner

If you are looking for something not too extravagant yet beautiful at the same time, then this bamboo incense burner will be your best choice. The affordable yet handmade exquisite bamboo incense burner is perfection in itself, and the beautiful waterfall structure is everything you are looking for.

Dragon with Ball Backflow Incense Burner

The dragon incense burner is one of the most beautiful incense burners you will ever come across. With a beautiful ball at the centre of the incense burner and the smoke waterfall coming out of the dragon’s mouth, this incense burner is something special and a must-buy for anyone.


Incense burners are now widely used, and the benefits they can give you regarding peace of mind are immense and proven. So rather than switching to some heavy meds, try using some of the best incense burners with your favourite scents and see the results.