According to recent stats, over 70% of home break-ins tend to happen through the door. Most burglars break the glass in order to find the locks, while others gain access through open windows. A home break-in is certainly one of the worst nightmares, but fortunately, you can burglar-proof your house through double glazing security. Some of the benefits of double glazed windows are discussed below: 

Double glazed windows feature additional security features. For starters, the wooden frames have deadbolts and hooks that provide additional protection to your home. Patent glazing has aluminium frames ideally reinforced with locks, even though it’s pretty hard for someone to pry them open from the outside due to their substantial sealing. The uPVC units also have top of the line locks that make it difficult for windows to be opened from the outside. 

The locks are vital for children’s bedrooms as they prevent them from falling out accidentally. The window hinges are locked in a manner that limits how far a window can open. This is great for keeping kids safe as they play around oblivious of the potential danger of falling through the window. 

If you reside in a relatively unsafe neighborhood, these locks help keep away burglars when you are asleep or not at home. You can install them in windows found on the ground floor when you require ventilation or in the evening during the summer season. Burglars are known to take advantage when you are either sleeping or away from home. However, this f will stop their efforts to gain access to your home. 

Having double-glazed windows fitted with anti-crowbar finishing and anti-theft locks adds an extra layer of security to your house. You’ll be able to make a significant saving on your house insurance premiums as the insurer will take note of the security measures you take in order to protect your property. By using double glazed windows as doors, you make your home even more secure. 

Double glazed windows act as major deterrents of crime as their internal mechanisms block forced entries. Most intruders are always on the search for the easiest means to gain access to a property as most break-ins aren’t premeditated. Once you have all these security measures in place, any intruder will be willing to seek another target.

The closing and locking mechanisms implemented on double-glazed windows are usually of a higher quality and thus, last longer. The top of the line and durable locking mechanism ensures that your house doesn’t become vulnerable to break-ins because of faults. Also, they are designed in a manner that makes them easy to use, and thus reducing the chances of sustaining damage due to ordinary circumstances. 

Most of the locks utilized in this case are those with a tab and handle making them hard to open when you’re outside. Only those inside the home can be able to open the window by simply holding the handle and undoing it. Cockspur handles are designed to lock the instant they are closed and thus adding a layer of security. 

As you can see, there is a lot to benefit from having double glazed windows and patent glazing bars installed. Avoid becoming a victim of intruders by having your doors and windows reinforced with double glazed security. There are numerous companies that deal with double glazed security and so, you can have them work on your house in no time.