Interior design is an industry that has been growing in leaps and bounds every year, and 2021 is not going to be any different. Every year, buildings and homes are constructed for people and businesses, and all of these need the best interior design plans to make them look good and attractive. This has spurred interior designers around the world into a fierce competition to come up with the latest killer plans that will revolutionize the industry. The following are some of the interior design trends expected this year.

Eco Chic

The need to preserve the environment has forced people to get creative with their interior design styles. Using sustainable items to create the best home decor has become a standard in the industry, and one of those styles that has now become trendy is the Eco-Chic style. This is the combination of eco-friendly materials and a range of warm colors to create a calming and fresh interior design style that works well for any size of house and buildings. You can bring out the best parts of this interior design trend by using handmade crafts like hand-stitched mats, baskets, and other related items. 

Open Plan Living

This is the type of interior design style where instead of partitioning a house into the various rooms with walls, what you have is a huge open space with the kitchen on one end, followed by the living room and the bedrooms on the other side, without any walls setting them apart. It is the most convenient type of interior design style that is taking over the world by a storm. Open plan living is much cheaper and more stylish since you don’t have to spend any extra money adding walls inside the house. Implementing sustainable building practices is also easier with this kind of plan since there are fewer materials involved.

Biophilic Design

This is a design that combines architecture and nature where the design of the house is connected to plants through spaces created within the living quarters. Not to be confused with having potted plants in your home, this rather involves building a house around plants, like having a tree growing somewhere in the house with an open roof to let the leaves through to breathe. With forest cover around cities shrinking as urban populations expand, interior designers are looking for ways of combining modern living with nature, and biophilic design is one trend that is quickly picking up pace around the world.

Textured walls

Traditionally, walls have always been made smooth and painted with a couple of colors and that was the end of it, but now, people are getting more creative with what they do to their walls as they have realized they are the best spaces in homes and offices where people have the most freedom to add anything they fancy. Rather than go down the monotone color route, textured walls are making a gradual surge in homes and office buildings. The use of varying designs and patterns to decorate walls is much better and cheaper than hanging expensive paintings. These textured walls range from mosaic patterns, tiles, and bare brick walls, among many other options. They add some artistic touch to the interior space and, when combined with the right colors, they can transform your living space into something that other people would kill for.

Home Offices

What 2020 taught everyone was that working from home is possible without affecting the productivity of a company, and this has opened new possibilities in the interior design market. More and more people are switching to remote working and, due to that, changes are being made to house designs to incorporate home offices, a small space where people can work without being disturbed. This concept may have started as a temporary solution for the pandemic, but as it is clear now that the disease is not going away anytime soon, more people are now considering creating permanent home offices in their homes, and this is expected to continue this year and beyond.

Home Gyms

This has been a concept for years that has been embraced by people with means, with ample space in their homes that could accommodate a full-fledged gym. However, with people spending more time at home without access to their gyms due to lockdowns, it has become necessary for people to find new solutions, and setting up small gyms in their houses has become the norm. 

The best part about this is that it is not that expensive to have a home gym around and it doesn’t take much space. You just need a small room that can accommodate a treadmill and some extra space for some light lifting and yoga. You can have an extra room added on the outside, or if you have extra rooms, simply repurpose one and convert it into an indoor gym.


2021 is slowly throwing people surprises when it comes to interior design concepts that are being created. The year just started and there are signs all over that indicate a huge shift from the traditional way of doing things to a more hands-on approach that is in line with the current events and conditions. 

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