Are you making a shift to working from home? Does your home office look a bit too dull? Or maybe it needs a little more artificial lighting because the natural light just doesn’t cut it. Worry no more. Here are ten ideas on how you can use LED strip lights for your home workspace in 2021.

1. Declutter the Workspace

In your home office, downlighting a desk with LED strip lights will add a functional finish. Mounted under shelving or a cupboard, they create lighting for energy-saving tasks while keeping your desk space free from a conventional table lamp. Another approach would be using them to highlight your plan for the day around a notice board. This will make your workspace look smarter and ensure you stay focused on the tasks at hand.

2. Shine on your Workspace

In an open plan living space, mount strip lights to the shelf’s underside to zone off a part of the room. Here, a home office area has been beautifully highlighted, with the gentle downlighting not only looking elegant but providing practical task lighting that when you need to work, you won’t interfere with the rest of the room. This is ideal for small spaces that are shared amongst members of a household.

3. Backlighting an LED Screen

An LED screen is a necessary part of a desktop setup, especially for professionals whose work requires them to sit at a computer screen for the most part. A perfect way to add to your desktop computer’s overall theme and your space is to backlight your computer screens.

Flexible and safe, LED light strips can be easily installed on the back of your screens without worrying about damage or interference. This is a great way to create an aesthetic piece of lighting while ensuring your workspace looks and feels creative.

4. The Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors play an essential part for make-up artists, designers, stylists, hairdressers, and other beauty professionals. Lighting up the vanity mirrors using LED strip lights ensures the professional pays attention to detail. These lights provide high luminosity while taking up as little space as possible. You can use either LED rope lights to create seamless lighting or LED light strips with widely spaced LEDs to obtain a spotlight effect. Whether you are putting on a client’s makeup, styling someone, or doing their hair, color-changing LED lights can be used to see the client in different lights.   

5. Ceiling Lighting

Lighting up the ceiling of your workspace is a simple and inexpensive way to add excitement to your ceiling and highlight architectural features. By installing LED strips in the ceiling coating of your home office, it lights up the whole room. You can either get an idea and do a DIY style by going to steel Lighting Co to see more designs for ceiling-mounted lights. This is important mostly for work that involves moving around the entire room. Try using them as follows:

  • Apply subtle lighting accents and a modern twist.
  • Build a creative feeling for your office
  • Accent on the top of the cupboards in the kitchen
  • Emphasize ornate ceiling details

6. Shelves and Lighting

You could use LED strip lights on shelves to exhibit your favorite books, collectibles, artwork, or other tchotchkes excitingly. Motion-activated LED light sticks are another excellent way to add light to these spaces if you would like to avoid the hassle of turning the lights on and off.

7. Under the Desk Lighting

The appearance of your space can be improved by adding LED light strips under your home office tables, cabinets, as well as drawers. Bonus: cabinet lighting will also function functionally as task lighting, making it easier to search and work in your cupboards, drawers, and surface areas.

8. Corner to Corner Creative Glow with LED Floor Lamps

You might be looking to light up your office to have a gamer’s look and feel. DIY LED floor lamps work excellent and are designed to satisfy your creative eye. The best way to create such an ambiance is through do-it-yourself (DIY) challenges using the strip lights by Elstar. 

9. Artwork and Picture Frames Lighting

A photographer, a paint artist, or a graphic designer might like to include some of their works in the workspaces they occupy. They can enhance your images, prints, and artwork and make them stand out even more by adding LED strips to the back of an existing frame. A positive of these LED lights is that heat is not emitted by LEDs, making them safe to use when showing any piece. This gives your home gallery a professional touch and feel.

10. Combine Several Ideas

Since creativity and productivity is the goal of a home workspace, it might be wise to include it even in the design of the office/workspace itself. This will help design the ideal space for you and your work, especially if you do not have a clear picture of how you’d like to light it. 


The LED strips are flexible, slim, low-profile, easy to attach and install, and ideal for adding ambiance and functional light. They can be put anywhere you can think of, as long as they

have the required IP rating for the room’s conditions, are close enough to an outlet to be plugged into it, and have a surface around which they can be securely connected. To find high-quality LED strip lights, check out Elstar, a china LED light manufacturer. Here, you are guaranteed of top of the range products and what’s more, you can easily place orders, pay online, and have them delivered to a location of choice at conveniently.