Many people use the same sheets and towels for multiple days or even weeks. Having the same dirty sheets on your mattress and sleeping on them for many days can severely harm your skin and respiratory health.

Even though sheets and towels are not a permanent garment you wear when working, they could say more about your health than the usual check-up. That is why all new sheets and towel manufacturing companies insist on items that can be shelf-washed and less absorbent to moisture and germs. In this article, we will analyze why sheets and towels get dirty quicker than any other garment in your house. 

1-Exclusive Linens Gives You Clean Sheets

One of the most famous towels and sheets produces been Exclusive Linens. Born and created in the United States, that brand has been the first to introduce cotton and bamboo textiles. They bring their exceptional cotton from countries like Egypt and Turkey, where the production is at its best. Linenly bamboo sheets Australia tell us that bamboo textiles are hypoallergenic and temperature regulating and can therefor offer you a very competent night’s sleep. Exclusive linens can also guarantee your towels and sheets’ hygienic profile. Germs and microbes don’t penetrate to their fibers, and you can wash them easily than ever before -even with cold water.

2-How Can Dirty Sheets Harm You?

Your sheets usually are dirtier than you think. Even an eight-hour sleep can fill them up with dead skin cells and germs that are tough to take away. These sheets are usually washed in boiling water that could permanently destroy the colors and textiles after a few washing cycles. The same applies to towels since they come to a direct approach with your facial skin. They can transfer all pathogens from one face to another and give you a facial infection or worsen a condition you already have (like acne).

3-Keep Away Dirt and Particles

With Miracle Made and many other firms, you can claim to control all the particles and dirt accumulated to towels and sheets. The microfiber technology can give you a great cleansing and also make sure you can take away all particles as easily as they entered. The fibers are moving in all directions so that germs are not easy to stick around. On the other hand, dust cannot approach since the surface remains negatively charged from excessive rubbing. Static electricity is quite a smart trick to create a natural shield over the towels and sheets made with this revolutionary technology.

4-The Importance of Clean Towels

You cannot imagine how important it would be to have clean towels and sheets. It may not be apparent, but clean towels can make your day. Their fresh smell and looks can fill you up with confidence and optimism when you start your day. On the other hand, you can keep yourself clean from any other pathogenic substance and particle. When you use a facial cotton towel, you need to be sure that it’s freshly washed and applies only to your face. Other towels that are used for body cleansing should always keep fewer particles on them since they can give you awful pimples across your skin.


It would be very positive for you to retain your sheets and towels to an immaculate condition. Other people visiting your house will have the best impression for you if you always provide your bathrooms (even your bathroom) with clean and neat towels. Not to mention how important your love partner is to lay down on your bed with clean sheets.

Finding companies that can give you new technology towels and sheets would be the first step towards improving your health. By giving yourself the best, you go to the next level of commitment and self-evaluation.