Our client bought the bare shell house and gave us an opportunity to decorated. Our client who will be living in this house are father, mother and 2 daughters. By the way, our decorative works will be following by their family lifestyle and requirement who will be living in this house in the future.

Why is our interior styling of this house being modern luxury way is because we have research about our client lifestyle, they like a simple thing but they also like a valuable material too. So, when we found the way how to have a simple space and make it valuable the modern luxury was come out as an answer.

As we had said before our client said to us that their lifestyle was simple, they like to have an activity together or even they can see each other while they are doing somethings. So that why we design to have an open plan to flow the function of living, dining, and pantry in one area and do not have any partition or wall separated. Sharing materials in each area will make overall design in this house harmony. The sharing materials of this house is gold stainless that gave a sharp and gorgeous feeling. We add it a little in each area not too much because too much will give a space that not much homey, the space will be like commercial space. Other materials area teak, marble, and fabric that in warm tone to have a soft and welcome space for everybody.

Because of climate in Thailand, we have installed the roof that match with the fa├žade design for protect too much sunlight and rain that will come. The material of the roof will filter the sunlight turn it to soft light so in the house will not be to dark. And we choose the materials from the local that easy to maintenance for example, the teak that come from the northern of Thailand.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Area : 500 sq.m.
Website: https://www.mepitree.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mepitree
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mepitree/