There is no faster way to freshen and update the décor of your home than adopting some of the latest home décor trends. Although some trends have been making their way to the forefront in so many years, others tend to disappear quickly and those who followed them might find themselves outdated after a short while.

Here are some of home décor trends that will stay for many years to come and will keep your home on-trend for years.

1.Go Green With Houseplants

Go Green With Houseplants
Houseplants have been here for decades and will surely stay for the next years. The type of trendy houseplant, however, varies from year to year. Far more interesting than ubiquitous ficus trees, the most popular houseplants of today vary from flowering plants and other lush greens to herbs that you can use in your kitchen countertops. What’s more, there are plenty of ways you can grow houseplants without much hassle and effort!

Not only do these plants add life to any room, but they also help in improving the air quality as well as your mood. And even if you do not have a green thumb, you can always incorporate a few houseplants into your home décor like in the kitchen. Herbs are useful and decorative. And houseplants are one of the best interior design trends that brings a touch of the great outdoors inside your home.

2.Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Design
Interior designing is a thing that we have copied from the Scandinavians. It is not a new trend and it is here to stay for as long as possible. It will keep coming back because of its elegance and simplicity and overall functionality.

Scandinavian designs feature white wash paints on wall, so make sure to hire painting and waterproofing contractors for a professional Scandinavian-style paint job as well as using simple and solid designs for furniture and playing with various patterns and colors by scattering them in different and strategic places. Your everyday objects and items can become a functional design piece and the typical Scandinavian quality means combining function with aesthetics.

After hiring for the functionality and fresh colors,

3.Mixed Metals

Metal finishes and fixtures have been ever-present in home décor styles for more than 10 years! They are typically included in minimalist design in order to deliver that crisp and modern edge to a futuristic look.

Try and use mix metal, sheen and textures from kitchen cabinetry to curtain hardware, lighting, and plumbing fixtures. Think diverse finishes ranging from bronze to nickel. Such materials will provide a modern finishing accent to any room rather than just having a single metal finish.

4.Statement Floors

Enough with statement walls and try statement floors instead! From light-colored herringbone-style hardwoods to bold colored geometric tiles, you will see that statement flooring will be the hype, especially in laundry rooms and bathrooms. It will be there until the next few years since it is a great way to make any small room pop without adding clutters.

5.Flora and Fauna Prints

Flora and Fauna Prints
Remember your grandma’s flowery tablecloths and furniture. They are making a comeback in moody and dark floral. They are all the rage in fashion and is now taking the home décor industry as well. Maybe not all are dark, however, furniture, textiles, and accessories are now featuring butterflies, wildlife, greenery, and flowers.

Although it seems like chintz is also coming back to life, you may want to avoid re-creating a room in your grandma’s house. Instead, try an upholstered accent piece in a dramatic floral arrangement or liven up a neutral space with beautiful, diaphanous curtains which feature butterflies and floral.

6.Try the Modern Vintage Look

With the popularity of upcycling and recycling, it is no wonder that the modern vintage interior is only increasing in popularity. Shopping for ay vintage elements or even reproduction of vintage items makes it easier for homeowners to pick their preferred styles and add the, into today’s home interior.

Whether you are looking for historical items or culling memorable pieces of childhood years, fans of the modern vintage have a lot of choices and options in today’s market.