A garden hose reel is the perfect storage place for garden hoses as it keeps it out of the way tangle free and dry at all times after and even during use. Besides, it can help prolong the lifespan of your hose.

Nevertheless, buying one can be an uphill task, especially for newbie hose owners or gardeners. Nonetheless, there is numerous information both online and offline that can help you make a selection, one of them being these garden hose reel reviews.

This means that you need to be armed with some basic facts about it before you make any purchase. Here are five common ones.

1.A Garden Hose Reel Provides Safety

A Garden Hose Reel Provides Safety
As we have said before, this is the best storage place for any kind of garden hose. It can keep it and you very safe by ensuring you do not bump or trip over your hose anytime during or after use.
Besides, it is a big plus for those with kids, pets and the elderly around. It can keep them safe while preventing kids from playing with the hose aimlessly. Likewise, it can protect your plants from any damages that can be caused by wayward water hoses left unintentionally running.

2.Garden Hose Reel Come in Different Types

Garden Hose Reel Come in Different Types
As times change so do the make, design as well as the construction of garden hose reels. Nowadays there are different types to look out for be it manual or automatic models.
There are portable ones, you can move around with, they usually have two or four wheels and are ideal for people with larger property.

You can also opt for hose reel carts with table-like design and storage shelves. You can move with it, as with a portable one. Another common type of hose reel is the stationary one, which can be found in plastic or metal make.

Hideaway hose reels have a box-like design that hides away the hose from view. You can find them in stationary or portable form.

There are also decorative hose reels that are meant to complement and accentuate your garden or patio look. Some are movable while others are designed for a wall mount. The choice relies on your storage space as well as taste and preference for it.

3.A Garden Hose Reel Increases the Lifespan of Your Garden Hose

A Garden Hose Reel Increases the Lifespan of Your Garden Hose
A garden hose reel is likely to increase the lifespan of your hose, especially if you tend to use it a lot. It can prevent it from splitting and cracking, as well as protect it from damages from the sun. In the end, it saves you loads of money you would have used to buy a new water hose.

4.Garden Hose Reels Keeps you organized

Garden Hose Reels Keeps you organized
There is nothing that easily creates unnecessary clutter than a garden hose left lying around, no matter the make, and that is why you need a garden hose reel. A hose reel can keep things well organized, even after a long day of watering, as it requires very little energy to use.

5.Its Specifications Always Matter

This part often seems tedious for most people but it is the most important part of it all. Otherwise, you will be left with a worthless product that will not meet your needs nor live up to your expectations.

Here you can check for material construction above all things, as it determines its longevity. You should also check the material of the water hose. Rubber is more durable than vinyl. Besides, hot water can be easily passed via rubber hose reel.

You can also check if it is automatic or manual. For convenience and ease of use, automatic ones are always the best.

Another important aspect of the specifications area is the length and width of the water hose in relation to the capacity of the hose reel. The hose reel should be able to hold the garden hose in terms of length and width, which is hose diameter.


Conclusively, it is all about convenience and there is nothing as fitting as a garden hose reel when it comes to gardening. It often saves loads of time and energy. Therefore, it should be the first thing you consider when it comes to stocking up your gardening tools and equipment.