If you are thinking of waterproofing your basement, keep in mind that it is going to cost you. But the truth is it is going to be a worthwhile investment. The very first thing you need is hiring an expert contractor/basement repair and remodeling service. You can search for an expert service online like the Completebasementsystems.net.

The very first consideration of basement waterproofing is the capacity factor. The system you are going to install will have permissible water carrying and draining capability. So make your choice based on this parameter.

So, let us have a look at the questions you must ask your contractor before signing up.

Ask about the failures

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A professional basement repair service will always be upfront about their past failings if any. Any reputable service in the business for an extended amount of time will experience failures. You can ask about the reason and the steps taken by the firm to remedy the situation.

Ask about the pump capacity

The pump size and the capacity are vital, and you should keep in mind that the crawlspace should have at the very least a half horse-power pump. In case of flooding, anything less than that and it won’t do your basement any good.

Ask about the discharge capacity

Ask about the discharge capacity
Waterproofing the basement is all about the amount of water the pump can move. A professional contractor will know his system and will inform you about the size and other details of the system installed.

About the back-up system

The conventional back-up systems are the automatic switching to the gas/propane fuelled generator. If the pump needs to produce a lift, then a gravity feed drain is required. Remember a pro-tip; the battery and the water back-ups get recommended only when the primary back-up options fail. So ask your contractor before the installation.

Level footer or the deep channel system?

Ask about the system of drainage. There are two varieties that include the deep channel pitched system where the waterproofing system has a high point located away from the pump and the level footer where the pump sits level on the footer. The level footer system is not designed to handle large volumes of rainwater consistently. So make your choice wisely.

Ask about the necessity of an entire system

Ask about the necessity of an entire system
This is for all the home-owners who have a poured type basement. In such cases, the problem of flooding gets usually dealt with by mending the rogue crack in the foundation. However, in case of a block wall, it is imperative to have a system installed. So ask your questions before investing.

Ask about outside waterproofing

Most of the professional basement Waterproofing Company offer the service of external waterproofing as well. Ask about the outside waterproofing if you are not sure. Keep in mind that the external system is expensive, and there are many logistical obstacles to maneuver around for the external system.

Keep in mind these considerations and ask your questions before hiring your contractor.