Granite comes in all sorts of shapes and colors. Here are a few tips for choosing the right granite counters.

Getting a kitchen remodel done is downright exciting, but it’s also full of big pricey decisions. Keep the cabinets you have or choose new? Do you splurge on new appliances?

One of the big-ticket decisions you will make involves your countertops. Of course, you want granite for its durability and beautiful looks. But because of the cost, you want to make the right choice.

Consider these 5 things when deciding on the best granite counters for your kitchen remodel.

1. Consider Color

One of the lovely advantages to granite is the variety where color is concerned. Sure it is stone, but there is no end to the color variations available when selecting granite for your remodel.
Consider Color
Granite comes in varieties including:

  • Blacks
  • Whites
  • Blues
  • Grays
  • Reds
  • Browns

The best place to start is by looking at samples and models with a reputable granite dealer. Consider also visiting Kitchen Stone Design-Color Selection online to start your search for the perfect piece of granite.

2. Stone is Stone, Be Wary of Price Grading

Be wary of pricing levels when shopping for granite. Often big box stores use price grades. The consumer can get tricked into assuming the most expensive is the best.

The truth is that is might be the most sought after color, so they know they can charge more. Granite is stone; consider how it looks. You can find a piece that will be perfect for you remodel without it having to be the most expensive choice.

Granite does not have to break the bank. But you want to be sure your estimate includes everything, including the actual counters, backsplash, and installation.

3. Slabs Versus Samples

When shopping for granite, you want to consider how a big piece will look. Sometimes when shopping for it, you only see a small piece of the bigger slab.

The veins and markings in the stone might look much different when you see them on a large scale compared to the smaller piece.
Slabs Versus Samples
Choose some you like. Then ask to see the larger pieces of that sample so you can get a feel for how the big piece will look once it is in your kitchen.

4. Style, Edges, Thickness, and the Sink

Once you have selected the actual color and piece of granite you want for your kitchen remodel the hard part is done. Well, almost done. You still have a few decisions to make.

You need to decide on the thickness of your granite. You need to decide what style of edging you want your granite cut with. These are both significant decisions, as they should match stylistically with the rest of your kitchen.

You will also probably want to select a new sink as part of the installation. Consider an under-mount sink to go with the new granite. This is easier for kitchen cleanups.

5. Consider Layout and Installation

Finally, you want to have a plan for the layout of your granite. Discuss with your granite professional where they will place seams.

Consider the layout of your kitchen design. Think about what areas of your kitchen get the most use. You also want to consider where seams will be least visible.
Consider Layout and Installation
When making this investment in your kitchen, you also want to be sure you are getting a knowledgeable installer to put in your granite. This should be part of your initial purchase plan.

Beautiful Granite Counters for Your Kitchen Remodel

Once you’ve made all these big decisions, the only thing left is to wait excitedly for your granite counters to be installed. Be sure to ask about sealing and necessary maintenance once you have decided, too.

For more ideas for your kitchen remodel, visit the Kitchen tab on our website.