Your backyard should be more than a view from your windows. Put the space to use and make it gorgeous with these top backyard design trends.

Does your backyard design leave you underwhelmed? A backyard is more than an outdoor space. It’s the foundation for all kinds of creative adventures.

Don’t ignore your backyard and all of the great ways it can improve your life. After all, we spend only about 7% of our lives outside of our homes. Why not entice yourself with a beautiful backyard and get some fresh air in style?

Not sure where to start? Keep reading! Down below are different backyard trends that are bound to help you see your backyard in a whole new way.

1. Outdoor Dining Area

Make every meal more interesting by creating an outdoor dining area right in your own backyard. Dinnertime becomes more interesting when you get to spend it out in the sun.

Plus this dedicated area is perfect for parties and events, giving you lots of space to invite all of your guests.
Outdoor Dining Area
Remember to look for furniture that both waterproof and fade-resistant so that they’ll survive year after year in all kinds of weather!

2. Garden Swimming Pool

There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind when deciding to install any kind of pool. But there’s nothing quite as luxurious as going for a dip in a pool in your pool without needing to share with strangers.

Many people enjoy mixing greenery with their pool designs. It’s like creating a secret getaway where you’re able to relax without any interruptions. Be sure to plant some leafy bushes and plants to give your pool a sense of extra privacy.

3. Extended Wooden Deck

Wooden decks not only look great, but they also extend your living space by a large margin. If you’re ever feeling cramped or wish to have more space to work in, invest in a beautiful wooden deck. They’re perfect for all kinds of occasions.

It’s always great to have a wooden deck wrapping around other features of your backyard, such as a pool or grilling station. This keeps your feet nice and clean while you enjoy your backyard, all while looking beautiful in the process.

There are many different types of woods and stains available to make it easy to match with the rest of your house.

4. Cozy Firepit

While many backyard ideas focus on the warmer months, a firepit is one of those activities that are perfect all year round. Many people enjoy snuggling up next to the roaring fire while enjoying hot cocoa in the winter.

Firepit designs range from rustic and simple to extravagant. It’s easy enough to set up an area dedicated to your firepit without a lot of extra effort. But if you’re wanting something both beautiful and functional, the extra effort goes a long way.
Cozy Firepit
Add in dedicated seating arrangements and a stone walkway to amp up the entire experience. Make sure to always have fire safety in mind regardless of your design!

5. Home Vacation Getaway

We all dream about that perfect vacation. The one we remember with fond memories or the one we wish to go on as soon as possible.

But vacations don’t always have to happen outside of the home. One of the growing trends includes creating your very own vacation getaway right in your backyard.

If you love tropical beaches, put together an area full of tropical plants and furniture that make you think of your favorite vacation spot. Whenever things get too stressful, transport yourself into a whole new place without ever having to leave your home.

The best part is that this home vacation area is easy to change into something new. Go from tropical inspiration to mountain excitement any time you want.

6. Beneficial Vegetable Garden

Growing food is a rewarding experience that helps save money. Plus, imagine walking around in your backyard vegetable garden, watching as the plants grow a little more each day. It’s something for the entire family to do together.

Vegetable plants are a beautiful addition to any backyard. But unlike other plants, these are functional. And it’s an amazing feeling to serve a meal made with ingredients that you’ve grown yourself.

7. Artistic Decorations

Artistic sculptures and other decorations are beautiful, but sometimes they take up a lot of space in our homes. That’s why a lot of people are turning towards their backyards to give these art pieces a space of their own.

Setting an intricate sculpture outside brings a new and creative twist to any backyard. Make sure that the artistic decoration will survive sitting outside beforehand!
Artistic Decorations

8. Refreshing Siesta Space

It’s not always necessary to be active when you’re enjoying your backyard. Instead, why not create a place full of comfy relaxation?

Lots of comfortable lounge chairs make for the perfect way to get out of the house and disconnect for a while. Even if you don’t take a nap, it’s great to lay out in the sun and get a few moments to yourself.

9. Creative Play House

Have your children ever begged you for a playroom, but you don’t have space? Why not turn the backyard into the children playroom instead?

Whether you give them a tree house or a little clubhouse, it’s a great way to ensure that your kids spend a lot more time outside.

If a literal mini-house isn’t the right decision for your backyard, set up a dedicated outdoor play area instead. There doesn’t need to be a little house involved for the kids to enjoy the concept!

An Exciting Backyard Design Makes Your Entire Life Better

Spending more time outdoors is a good way to become healthier and less stressed. If a great backyard design helps entice you and your family to enjoy the backyard, then it’s worth it!
Exciting Backyard Design Makes Your Entire Life Better
The best part is that these different trends are only the tip of the iceberg.

Brainstorm together as a family to come up with a unique outdoor design that makes all of you happy. Including ideas from everyone is a great way to ensure that you all enjoy it to the fullest.

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