It’s a no-brainer that to make our lawn look good, we must keep the turf alive and well maintained. A lawn can be stunning when it is lush, green, and well-trimmed. But today, we don’t just want a good lawn, but an extra good-looking one. So we’ve put together a few tips on how to make your backyard look fantastic.

Use Shrubs or Trees to Line the Edges

Now that your garden is lush, green, and looking fabulous, let’s add something refreshing to see other than grass. If the area allows it, you could allot a few square feet to grow trees or shrubs. You can choose tall plants or shrubs and trim them to make a beautiful edge-lining, which may also serve as privacy fences. Of course, you can swap them for trees and watch your kids play while you stand under the shade. Alternatively, you can choose flowering trees, so it adds a pop of color. 

Garden Decor

Folks from urban or suburban areas can relate to the fact that your backyard keeps us connected with nature. If your lawn is guarded by a plain concrete or brick fence, you can attach a stone fountain to add an interesting feature to the landscape. You can build a cascading waterfall onto the wall, so the next time you relax on your lawn, you’ll get the maximum benefit from the visual harmony among the rocks, flowing water, and the lush grass. Add more life by inviting birds and squirrels through aesthetic birdbaths and squirrel feeders. 

Build a Multi-purpose Fire Pit

If you’re the type who likes to lounge or camp out in your backyard, or even to just lay there and look at the stars at night, consider building a fire pit to spice up your lawn with this useful addition. During the day, you can also cook outside with your friends or if you’re feeling extra, build a bonfire on a snowy winter morning. 

Put in Flower Beds

If you’re working with a large area, we recommend you add flowerbeds. Even just at the sides and edges. Flowers give a pop of color that brings out the vibrancy of the lawn even more. This is something that you can take on as a hobby, because planting flowers and caring for them does take attention and care, and it’s something that is extremely therapeutic as well. The color contrasts will bring an otherwise dull and monotonous backyard instantly to life. 

Be Creative with Edgings

Once you decide to bring flower beds into the corners and edges, make the garden even more beautiful by being creative with the lawn edges. Edgings are pretty much the accessories of the lawn. Choose a unique lawn edging, and it will undeniably give your lawn the best bling! Or if you’re feeling creative or on a budget, you can also DIY your one-of-a-kind edgings yourself, and be proud of making your outdoor area look fantastic by hand. 

Swap the Flower Beds with Potted Ornamental Plants

If you want your backyard to have a pop of color and character, but don’t really have it in you to care for any plants, then you could always opt for potted ornamental plants. Well, it’s not a garden per se, but it makes you feel like you own one. Having potted plants not only decorates your backyard but also gives you the perk of changing the arrangements of the plants whenever you like,  giving you a chance to refresh the garden look as often as you like. And by the way, did we mention you can move around the pots when you decide to play ball or any other activity on your lawn? 

Movable Lamps and Glowing Stones

 Who says the yard should only look fantastic during the day? This is also best for those who are looking for a non-permanent embellishment for their place. If you’re just renting your house and don’t want to resort to making permanent changes to their outdoor area, you can choose to decorate the space with lamps and glow-in-the-dark stones. Now you can enjoy a backyard that looks awesome 24/7. 

Keep it Looking Pristine with Artificial Turf

Most of us are so busy, we feel it’s difficult to maintain the appearance of the backyard. We love green and vibrant lawns, but taking care of them is time-consuming. On top of that, we have to keep the turf well-watered, fertilized, and free from bugs that may harm it. Lucky for us, some companies produce special, artificial turfs. Texas-based turf providers from suggest investing in artificial turf because it looks just as good as the real deal and doesn’t require any care and attention. You can choose artificial turfs over regular grass if you’re a hardworking person who likes to enjoy their relaxing sunbathing sessions on their lawn during the weekends without having to worry about bugs or if it’s been watered properly.  

Build a Raised Deck

Make your lawn, quite literally, *stand out* (pun intended) by building a raised platform. We believe no other lawn will make you feel like you’re on top of the world like walking on a circular stone-edged raised one. Elevate it by a step or two, and now you have an ingenious lawn that not many people have!

Make your Stone Paths Look Majestic

If the previous stone-edged raised lawn is out of your budget, you can stick to good old stone paths– but make it fun. Putting stone paths not only protects the turf by providing a clear and designated area to walk over but also provides a chance for you to make your lawn look impressive and unique. While we’ve already mentioned the permanent and non-permanent options of beautifying your outdoor area, stone paths kind of sit in the middle. We found that stone paths make perfect semi-permanent alterations. Be creative with your stone paths, use unique materials, cut them into geometric shapes, and experiment with sizes and arrangements. If you like the stone paths plain, but you’re a family with kids, we also suggest creating child-friendly hopscotch stone paths. It adds interest to the lawn and with just a piece of chalk, it’s now useful and fun!    

There you have it, ten artistic and clever ways to spice up your plain lawn. It’s time to mix and match what you have learned to fit your needs. Whether you own a large lawn or a smaller area of turf, there is only one rule in making your lawn look fantastic, and that is- be creative!