As large cities become more populated, builders plan smaller apartments to get the most out of real estate in congested parts of town. Many busy professionals move into these smaller homes to take advantage of the employment opportunities, schools, culture, and entertainment venues that these districts offer. 

If you live in a one-room studio apartment, with your kitchen, bedroom, and living room all in the same space, then you certainly face some furnishing challenges. Thankfully, there are ways to get some more style and space out of your small home.

Buy the Right Furniture

You need cleverly designed furniture to take advantage of awkward spaces in your studio apartment. Find a furniture store that has custom-built shelves for your corners and some beautiful sectional sofas for your living room. While customized shelves can allow you to store books without sacrificing space, sectional sofas can maximize your living room’s seating potential.

The right sectional can also function as a second bed for guests. Alternatively, consider buying sofa beds for guests who need to crash overnight on the weekend. 

Look at other multipurpose furniture such as ottomans with storage spaces and beds with drawers to gain extra room for your towels, linens, cushions, and board games. Likewise, try a nesting coffee table set to have multiple tables when you need them. 

Separate the Bedroom

A great way to make your studio apartment feel like a proper home is to separate the bedroom. Use stylish options to make the separation feel organic. 

Also, leave as much square footage for the living room as possible because that’s where you’ll spend most of your time watching TV, relaxing, or entertaining guests. 

  • Two-Tone Paint: Perhaps the subtlest way to carve two spaces in a small apartment is to paint the areas in different shades of the same colour. For example, you can paint your bedroom white and your living room ivory. 
  • Half-Wall: Although a short half-wall doesn’t allow for a lot of privacy, it does the job without taking up a lot of space. 
  • Divider Curtains: Light-coloured divider curtains are a stylish way to create subtle spaces.
  • Sliding Doors: A sliding door is easy to install and can add privacy to your bedroom. Sliding doors usually work better for larger studio apartments.
  • Bookcase: A bookcase is a clever way to divide your apartment as it also adds functionality.  
  • Projection Screen: If you don’t have room in your apartment for a large TV, consider using a roll-down projection screen as a divider. 

Murphy Bed

If creating a separate bedroom doesn’t suit your style, consider investing in a Murphy bed. A Murphy bed, also known as a Wall Bed, fits in a wall or a secret cabinet and is brought down when needed, saving people living in studio apartments plenty of space. 

High-quality Murphy beds also come with tall side shelves, increasing your storage capacity. Alternatively, you can try a loft bed, though admittedly, this type of bed isn’t for people with height phobias. 

These are just a few ways you can make your tiny studio apartment more stylish and spacious. With the right furniture and some creative thinking, you can get the most out of your home.