Lighting now comes in several forms. It can be either be in dim light decors, LED bulbs, LED floodlights, etc. In this post, you can find details on Bay Lights or, to say, LED Bay Lights.

Bay lights can be explained as a type of light fixture that requires a high power wattage. It can be mostly seen in ceilings over 12 feet tall that produces 8000 lumens brightness. You can differentiate High and Low bay lights by determining the ceiling height. 

High Bay Lights are typically applicable in large areas with more than 20 ft of ceiling height.

Bay lights of 150W or more with a beam angle of up to 90-degrees are often used as high bay lights. You can see such fixtures in factories, warehouses, and hangars. One of the famous bay light shapes is the circular UFO High Bay, followed by (square/rectangular) Linear High Bay. For instance, Lepro also offers LED high bay lights with different illuminance levels and spaces. For a ceiling with a height of 12 to 18 feet, the 100W LED High Bay Light would be suitable, and 220W is for higher ceiling heights. Hence, these high bay lights are commonly used for industrial and commercial lighting purposes rather than homes. 

And Low Bay Lights are applicable in large rooms with 12 to 20 ft of ceiling height. Bay lights of 60W to 100W with 120-degree beam angle are referred to as low bay lights. You can notice these lights in workshops, retail shops, and grocery stores.

Why LED High Bay Lights?

Seeing the popularity of LED high bay lights, the other lighting technologies like fluorescent, metal halide, and other conventional high bay lights have decreased in numbers. As you see, the LED lighting technology surpasses any different traditional lighting ways in many ways. Below are given some benefits as to why LED high bay lights are a good option.

  • Decrease in maintenance

The service life of LED lights and conventional bulbs differ by massive numbers. There is no need for frequent replacements or changes in the lamp. Also, there would not be a need for regular creativity or specialized equipment to change a bulb. Which means there would be savings in equipment costs. 

  • Quality lighting

The light generated by the LED lighting is also different due to diode and multi-point design. The color rendering index (CRI), foot candle, and correlated color temperature (CCT) of high bay lights are much higher than that of other bulbs.

CRI means to measure the light’s ability to reveal the object’s real color concerning the natural light. CCT means the bulb’s glow. And a Footcandle is a measure of the efficiency of light. 

  • Increase in energy efficiency

The distribution of light by the LED lights is uniform as compared to conventional lightings. To output is the same with even lesser energy usage. LED lightings eliminate heat emission as well as omnidirectional lighting. The energy consumption is reduced by 40% to 60% and thus, savings in electricity costs.

Types of LED High Bay Lights

Choosing a high bay light can also put you in a predicament. You can find LED lights in different shapes and set up systems. The LED high bay light is mainly divided into two- UFO high bay lights and linear high bay lights. You can find the comparison of both based on Lepro LED High Bay Lights. 

Lepro UFO LED High Bay Light is round in shape, just like a UFO. The 100W UFO LED high bay od Lepro provides 13,000 lumens output. It can save over 60% of your electricity bill. They have a 120-degree beam angle, which means more scattering of light. You do not have to worry about safety and quality as they are UL and DLC certified. Their price is lower than other equivalent products available. 

You may also find them with multiple power options like 100W, 150W, 240W, 300W, etc., for different lighting requirements. There is also a feature of dimming the brightness. You can install it through affixed U-shaped metal brackets or a suspension ring. Since they are available in various watts, you should count on how much lumens it produces. So, when buying a high bay light, consider the ceiling height, number of lamps, and spacings carefully.

Lepro Linear LED High Bay Light is rectangular in shape. The 220W Lepro LED linear high bay light is replaceable with 500W metal halide lamps and 165W with 400W lamps. You can get high on savings. They have a 110-degree beam angle, which means lesser light scattering. They also have UL and DLC certification along with a warranty period of 5-year. They also provide a dimmer switch of 1-10V. You can have ease in the installation by just hanging the lamp on chains and hooks. They are an ideal option for shelves and aisles. If you want to get more LED light, you may visit