When you try asking various people who bought Jackson Hole Real Estate why they chose to live in the town, you surely will get different types of answers. There are some who will say that they appreciate that they are near the proximity to both the Grand Teton National Park and the Yellowstone National Park. 

There are also others who chose to get a Jackson Hole Real Estate in order to enjoy the beauty of the area in totality along with the option of being able to see the unique wildlife just right outside their door. There are others who chose to live in Jackson Hole because of skiing and eventually falling in love with the culture of the place, and more so because Jackson Hole is one that has great tax benefits.

If you are one of the prospects of moving into Jackson Hole, you should know that the place offers exquisite natural features, along with wide-open spaces and a great view of mountains that are covered in snow. Not only that, Jackson hole is equipped with high-quality healthcare, great schools, and attractions that you cannot find anywhere else. 

Jackson Hole Has a Lot in Store For You

You should know that Jackson is not just a simple old town, because the truth is, there is a lot that you can do in Jackson Hole no matter what things you may be interested in. Jackson Hole has everything from national parks to art museums and even more, so it rests assured that you will never go to have a dull moment when you live in Jackson Hole. 

Some of the unique attraction that Jackson Hole has are the following:

  • The Grand Teton National Park

In just about 1.6 kilometers north of Jackson, you will be able to reach the Grand Teton National Park. The Grand Teton National Park encloses the Teton Mountain Range, and this alone attracts at least two million tourists per year just to explore the parks and its stunning peaks. 

  • The Grand Teton Music Festival

For music lovers out there, Jackson Hole hosts a classical music festival every year, and the even is housed in a dedicated auditorium located just at the base of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. You can experience the Grand Teton Music Festival usually during the summer and the festival will run for seven weeks. 

  • The National Elk Refuge

The refuge borders Jackson and this was created in order to shelter a massive elk herd when the winter season comes. There are horse-drawn sleigh rides available enabling residents and tourists alike to see the elk up close. 

  • The Great Wildlife Art Museum in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The National Museum of Wildlife Art which is home as well to many pieces of artwork that are themed about wildlife is situated in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Furthermore, aside from the art being curated in the museum, there is also a trail that has sculptures where people can walkthrough. 

  • The Iconic Yellowstone National Park

When you go 60 miles north of Jackson, you will be arriving at the south entrance of Yellowstone. This National Park is big that it extends into Montana and Idaho. The Yellowstone also attracts almost twice the number of tourists as the Grand Teton National Park. 

You Can Live a Long Healthy in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

When you live in Jackson Hole, one thing that you will surely notice is that Jackson Hole offers a very healthy environment for its residents. In fact, it was shown that there is about 80% of the town has health insurance and there its hospitals per capita is at 1.04. 

But, you must know that the health-friendly aspect of the town is not just about having accessible treatments that are available in Jackson Hole, because this also has to do with how residents in Jackson hare prioritizing fitness and wellness. And because Jackson is the home of magnificent mountains, winter sports are becoming popular along with climbing, biking, fly fishing, horseback riding, and a lot more. 

Enroll Your Children in Excellent Schools in Jackson Hole

If you are still not sure about your decision of moving to Jackson, maybe this can help you with your decision because Jackson Hole is home to exceptional schools. Jackson Hole schools are given “A” ratings, and there are even other sources who boast about the excellence in education that Jackson Hole is offering. 

If you are one who prefers private schools, Jackson hole is also home to a lot of private schools starting from kindergarten all the way through high school. For parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, Jackson Hole also has a variety of daycare options that you can choose from. 

Move to Jackson Hole and Enjoy Living in a Tax-Friendly State

Aside from the great environment, excellent schools, top tourist spots, and a great healthcare system, Jackson Hole still has another thing to offer – the absence of taxes.

These are some of the taxes that are not present in Jackson Hole:

  1. State income tax
  2. Trust tax
  3. Capital Gains tax
  4. Estate tax
  5. Corporate tax

Jackson hole is definitely tax-friendly for all of its residents thereby making the town one of the top tax haven states to live in the US. In fact, Bloomberg just named it as the most tax-friendly state. 

In terms of Jackson Hole real estate, there are also a lot of perks that one can enjoy. First is that there is no tax on selling real estate, thereby making it an ideal place to own either a business, residence or some other type of real property. And if you are a retiree, you will also not going to pay for out-of-state retirement income, thus buying a second home in Jackson will allow the older people to enjoy their retirement at best without having to think about extra taxes. 

Make Sure to Be Always in the Know of the Different Jackson Real Estate Options

Now that you already have a good grasp as to why people are in love with the fact that they live in Jackson. From the low taxes to the great education and healthcare systems, and the great environment, Jackson Hole is indeed one fantastic place to live and own real estate. So you better make sure that you have your trusted realtor when you decide to buy Jackson Hole real estate.