Home tools are extremely essential items for any homeowner to do small repairs and renovation. If we were to look at repair tools, then there are numerous tools available, and different scenarios require different tools. However, we will not be needing all these to do simple home repairs. After a lot of research, we have made a list of all the must-have tools to do small home repairs by yourself.

However, remember to always use these tools as per the instructions that are given by the manufacturers. If you have questions about the tools or questions about how to use them, you can contact the manufacturer.

9 Must-have tools to do small home repairs by yourself: –

1. Hammers: – You should have 2 different hammers in your toolbox, Claw hammer and lump hammer. Claw hammers are the ones with a small head and ‘V’ shaped back, they are used for pulling nails out, hammering nails and general bashing work. The standard weight of this hammer is around 1 to 2 pounds. If you want, you can also get a smaller one, tack hammer for smaller nails.

Lump hammers have a heavy head and are useful for breaking bricks or blocks, chipping concrete and driving large nails. They are used for all applications that require a large enough force.

2. Welding helmet: – This is not for everyone. It is for those of you who are confident enough to do the welding work. We recommend getting a good welding helmet to protect yourself. Welding itself is a big topic, and if you want to learn more about it, then try checking this blog; you will find good resource here.

3. Tape Measure: – A good tape measure is a must-have for doing home repairs. Whether you are hanging paintings too far apart or botching bathroom tiles layout, you will need a good tape measure. You will find some great ones on Amazon.Try QuickDraw ones. They seem to have great reviews.
4. Screwdrivers: – You will need 2 types of screwdriver, Phillips and Flat ones. You can either buy screwdrivers individually or as a set. If you know which ones you need, it is recommended to go for a proper screwdriver set and make sure all the ones you need are in there. You can also buy a screwdriver with a tip that takes different sizes of screwdriver bits.

5. Screw Gun:– Screw gun can really help you to reduce your work effort, as it will allow you not to bed and you can finish your work much quicker. There are so many type of screw gun and one of the most popular gun is auto feed screw gun.

6. Pliers: – Pliers are mainly useful for holding, bending, pulling, twisting and undoing small nuts. Apart from the normal pliers, get long nose pliers as well. Long nose pliers will help you reach places that a normal one cannot reach. You can also use it for bending end of wires, holding delicate parts and electrical work.
Power Drill
7. Power Drill: – A power drill is not so much of a hand tool, but it can be extremely handy when it comes to small house repairs. There will be times when you will need something to make a round hole somewhere. There are many drills available based on power and speed, search and find yourself a good one. Some of them even include a hammer function.

8. Saw: – Get yourself a standard carpenter’s saw for cutting lumber. A saw can be extremely handy for crosscutting through sheets of plywood or MDF.
9. Wrench: – Wrenches or Spanners are great for tightening nuts, taps, nuts, wall fixings, basically anything that requires a nut to be tightened. They are available in different sizes. We recommend getting a set of them.

Conclusion: –

There you go, these are the 8 tools that you will need for any small home repair. Good luck!