Your outdoor space is an oasis waiting to happen. That is if you hire a landscaper that knows their stuff.

But how do you know which landscaper will best fit your needs? There are a variety of questions you should ask when you’re shopping around for a pro.

Here are five things to know when you need to find a landscaper.

1. Are They Full-Service?

Are They Full-Service
When you’re searching for a landscaper, you might see terms like “landscape maintenance.” What that might mean is that the company specializes in keeping your property looking good, but doesn’t necessarily focus on anything else.

If you’re looking to completely redesign your property, then you should find a landscaper that says they do design and installation like this landscaping company. That way, you only have to find one company to do all of the work, rather than having to search out two or three contractors.

2. Are They Properly Insured?

A reputable landscaper should have insurance in place in case they get hurt on the job or damage something. Otherwise, you might be on the hook for liability.

Landscapers are often digging and creating interlocking pathways, and they often take precautions such as fencing it off to prevent people from walking on it. However, in some cases, a passerby might get hurt, and they might end up making a claim.

Meanwhile, there could be other damages during a project, such as hitting a gas line buried in the ground. A landscaper should be protected in this scenario.

3. Do They Know Plant Placement?

Depending on where you’re located in the country, certain plants will thrive more. Not only that, but certain plants flourish better in shade or sun.
Do They Know Plant Placement
An experienced landscaper will know which plants will work best for the climate, and also which are safe to place next to each other. As well, you might want to find a company that has an arborist on staff to deal with any trees on your property.

4. Can They Provide Samples?

When you’re envisioning your garden, some landscapers are able to provide drawings or renderings of how your property will look after the project is completed. At the least, they should be able to provide some samples of similar projects that they’re done for others.

Some landscapers might charge a fee for a design drawing, but it’s a great way to know what you’re getting before any shovels hit the ground.

5. Do They Offer Additional Services?

Building on the point about finding a full-service company – ask about what else they might be able to provide that can take your landscaping project to the next level.

For example, perhaps the landscaper can add water features like a pond or waterfall. Or, perhaps they’re experts in outdoor lighting to highlight certain areas of your garden.

Dig Deep To Hire A Landscaper

Dig Deep To Hire A Landscaper
Asking these questions to a landscaping company can help ensure you’re getting the best value while also avoiding any potential pitfalls.

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