You think you’ve accomplished everything you need to before listing your home, but have you really?

There may be a few things that you forgot to do, and failing to do everything could hinder the sale of your home.

A good way to know if you did everything you needed to is by working off a selling house checklist.

If you don’t have one, though, you can use this list. Here are seven things that homeowners often overlook as they prepare their homes for sale.

1. Fixed Everything

Fixed Everything
Have you taken a close look at every area in your home to ensure that you repaired any broken parts of it? If not, you must do this. Buyers want homes that are complete and free of problems.

2. Changed All the Light Bulbs

A lot of sellers also overlook changing the light bulbs in their house. Many people don’t even realize the necessity or purpose of this task.

Changing the bulbs in your home offers a way to brighten up your house. You should use the brightest bulbs possible for all your fixtures, especially areas that are somewhat dim most of the time.

3. Cleaned Your Carpet

Your house might look immaculate, but did you remember to clean the carpet? Carpet is a material that can contain odors and stains. If your carpet has stains or odors, it will decrease the appeal of your home.

4. Worked on Your Curb Appeal

The curb appeal refers to the appearance of the exterior of your home, including your yard. It’s what buyers first see when they arrive for showings, or when they drive past your home.
Worked on Your Curb Appeal
You’ll want to exhibit a positive curb appeal to attract more people to your home.

5. Depersonalized Your Home

Do you also know that depersonalizing a home is a critical step when selling? Depersonalizing is the act of removing everything from the house that ties the home to you.

As you perform this step, start by removing all family photos. Next, remove any items that the average person wouldn’t like or appreciate.

6. Evaluated the Market and Home Values

Some homeowners also forget to assess the current real estate market. The purpose of this is to learn more about home values and sales in the area. When you learn these things, you’ll be able to set a fair and accurate price for your home.

7. Selected a Real Estate Agent

Finally, have you picked the real estate agent you’d like to use? Hiring a real estate agent is the most common method for selling a house. Agents can help you sell a home of any age and in any condition. They’ll even help you sell as-is.
Selected a Real Estate Agent
If you’d prefer not to have to put work and money into your home, the best way to sell your home as is involves hiring an agent. You can advertise the sale as an as-is home, and your agent will look for buyers interested in houses like this.

Use a Selling House Checklist for Guidance

After reading through these seven things, did you forget to do any of them? If so, you should start working on those tasks now.

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