Whilst it does not take much to keep a pet dog happy – attention, belly rubs, and a few table scraps usually does the trick – finding a way into their owner’s heart can be a little more difficult. However, one way of doing this is by getting them a gift that puts their pet pooch in the spotlight or reminds them of their beloved pet. After all, getting them a present like this provides them with some new content to put on their doggy Instagram page.  So whenever you are shopping for the perfect gift for a dog owner / dog lover, it is always a really good idea to learn towards their pet pooch. This is because the perfect gift is often one for their doggo.


Because of the strong bond that most pet owners have with their dog, there are plenty of options to choose from. There actually exists a really good selection of presents for both dogs and their owners. Some of the best ideas are listed below:

  • A doggy jacket – us humans are not the only animals that, when spending time outdoors, need to both keep warm and look good at the same time. There are a number of retailers out there that specialize in making garments for dogs of all shapes and sizes.
  • A pet portrait – for the art loving dog lover, a portrait of their pet is the perfect gift. With just a few clicks you can create a beautiful artistic take on any size or breed of dog. You are even able to choose the style of portrait, including abstract, silhouette, or line art. Portraits come in all sizes so you can get one that is perfect for a space in a dog owner’s home.
  • A canine sculpture – similar to a pet portrait, a canine sculpture is the ideal present for anyone with an artistic eye that either owns a dog or loves them. They come in all shapes and sizes, portraying all breeds of dog, and at all price points. This means that whatever your budget is, dog sculptures are always a good option to go for.

  • A pooch GPS location tracker – add a locator to the dog’s collar and a dog owner will never again have to worry about their pet getting lost. They work in real time and send notifications to a mobile at any time that they leave a pre designated safe area. Best of all, these GPS location trackers are both mud and waterproof which is ideal for those dogs that love to get wet and muddy.
  • A doggy cam – for those dog owners that often leave their pet pooch at home unattended, then a doggy cam is great for providing them with peace of mind that they are safe and that they are not destroying their home. Some of the better models allow for two way audio, meaning that dog owners can keep in contact with their doggo at all times.