Divorce is a messy and complicated process that is regularly witnessed in Tulsa and the country at large. It comes as a last resort for a failing relationship. Divorce has a negative emotional effect on an individual. It also entails property division and finding a solution to children custody. Divorce also comes with child support if there is a child involved. So get the best solution contact the best divorce lawyer in Fort Bend County.

The Divorce process

Look for a good Tulsa divorce attorney if you have decided to go ahead with divorce. An attorney will find a favorable deal when it comes to property division, child custody and child support, among others. The divorce process commences by one spouse serving a spouse to the other. Afterward, the petition should be filled in a court of law. A divorce petition contains the name of the petitioner, the name of the spouse and children, if any. You can always contact an attorney for help with your divorce appeal.

During the serving of the divorce papers, sell of property or taking children out of the state isn’t permitted. The spouse who has been served the petition should sign an acknowledgment if they agree with the divorce process.  A spouse is encouraged to file a response to court to skip hearing and finalize with the divorce.

The final process of divorce involves both parties sharing information such as income, assets, expenses and liabilities. Finally, there should be agreeable terms on how the divorce will be executed.

Why hire a divorce attorney for divorce?

There are two options when handling divorce process in Tulsa. You can either handle the divorce process on your own or hire a divorce attorney. Hiring a divorce lawyer is beneficial in numerous ways.  Divorce lawyers have experience handling divorce cases. They are in a better position of drafting a favorable agreement when compared to you.

An attorney can help reduce stress during the divorce process. Divorce is emotionally draining. Hiring a lawyer can help you relax since they will be handling everything on your behalf.

A Tulsa divorce lawyer can help you understand your rights, some of which you were not aware about. This ensures you get a fair divorce hearing. The divorce process requires some legal documents for the process to be considered in a court of law. Hiring a divorce attorney ensures you have everything right before filling for a divorce in a court of law.

Part of divorce entails fighting for children’s custody. Any divorce lawyer in Tulsa will argue children’s custody in your favor.

The Child’s custody after divorce

The challenging part of a divorce is fighting for child custody by both parents. Children are supposed to be under an adult until they become of age. That is why the court should place a child under the care of at least one parent after divorce. The court delivers custody judgment that will best favor a child.

There are different types of child custody the court can deliver. Physical custody is very popular in Tulsa. It is further broken down into two. You can be given joint custody or sole custody. The sole custody mostly entails visitation from the non-custodian parent. Child custody with visitation from the non-custodian parent has a timetable that should be strongly adhered.

The parent with the custody will make crucial decisions for their children such as education and medical, among others.

How is the child’s custody determined?

Child’s custody agreements can be agreed in different ways. It can be through the court’s decision or mediation. Always consult a Tulsa child custody attorney before agreeing to any custody agreement. Mediation is encouraged when solving child’s custody as it favors both parties.

The court looks at certain matters before making a decision on custody. The living condition of the parent is one of the factors the court looks at. Custody is likely to be awarded to a parent who can comfortably take care of himself and other people.

The court will also look at the relationship between a parent and the children. This is in terms of willingness of the parent to take care of his/her children before and after separation occurred. The court may also put into account the child’s preference. Age is also another factor the court puts into account before making a child’s custody decision. Young children are more likely to stay with their mothers.

Child support negotiation

You should hire a Tulsa child custody attorney to help in child custody process and child support negotiation. The parent who doesn’t get the custody of the children is required to pay child support on a regular basis.

It is clear that hiring an attorney can help in the divorce and child custody. They should be your priority if you are about to get a divorce.