On average people move home at five different occasions before they reach the age of thirty! This frequent need for moving leads results in us all having to face the challenging task of finding the right removal company. Luckily, we have put together some top tips to help ensure that you make the right decision. In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the key factors that everyone should take into consideration. Location, reputation and insurance we will cover it all within this blog post.

Finding A Local Removal Company

The first step to hiring a removal company is a quick Google search. Here you will find all of the local companies who offer a comprehensive service in the local area. The key advantage of finding your removal company in Newcastle is that Google will eliminate the chance of finding a man with a van and you will be put straight it contact with a professional company with experience when it comes to residential moves. A hidden benefit of going local is that the removal service will usually cost less than if you chose a national company, the removal equipment will already be close to home, eliminating unnecessary costs. 

Checking The Online Reputation

A companies reputation is everything! Within this day and age, there is no time for people who do not take removals seriously. With the average homeowner owning thousands of pounds of electronics and other possessions, everything must be taken care of safely and efficiently. To find the best possible company for your move make sure you check the companies online reviews across most multiple platforms. This helps to eliminate the possibility of fake reviews influencing the perception you have of a company. 

Request A Comprehensive Quote

Every company has a different approach when it comes to pricing the removal service. This can work in your favour when it comes to choosing the right company. Make sure that you received a full quote from a couple of different companies within your local area, within this quote you should receive a full breakdown of what you will be paying for. Here is your chance to compare the prices against other companies out there. This allows you to gain an understanding of the overall standard the removal company is operating at. A professional detailed quote is a great indication that you are dealing with the right removal company for your move. 

Find out If You’re Insured 

As previously mentioned, your possessions cost a lot of money, therefore, protection is essential. You don’t deserve to be left out of pocket as a result of the move so make sure you ask the question. Whilst the care taken by the company is a key factor that goes into the success of the move, mistakes can always happen. The peace of mind offered by insuring is simply unmatched. Make sure you speak to the removal company to see if your possessions will be insured during the move, if not you will need to look at other options. In my opinion, insurance is something that your move can’t live without. 

Discussing Potential Storage Requirments

Whether you have your dates set in stone or you have only just started the planning of your move, there can be delays which result in the knockback to the desired dates. You need to be prepared for this. The best way to keep yourself protected in the case of a delay is by having a discussion with your removal company about temporary storage. Whilst you may not ever have to deal with these delays, you should have it covered none the less.

We hope that this blog has helped answer some of the main questions that go into hiring a removal service. All these tops are simply yet actionable so make sure that you tie them into the planning of your next home move.