With all the restrictions we have right now in terms of mobility and safety, more and more pet owners are now looking for products that would make their life hassle-free while staying at home while working at the same time. Gone are the days where walking or jogging with pets has been a part of an owner’s routine. The challenge now for pet owners is how to keep their pets sane still during these times of coronavirus pandemic.

Providing them more than one choice should always be the practice, but also consider that your clients are always keen on your suggestions, and with that, the responsibility lies in your hands.

Here are the reasons why you should recommend using PVC Vinyl Fences by Duramax in your next projects.

PVC Vinyl Fences don’t have sharp components. Most fences don’t have sharp edges only when they are newly installed, like those made from metal and wood. They get rusty and rotten in time, leading to developing these edges that are hazardous to pets. Additionally, sharp edges may also appear from screws or nails that are nearly damaged. Worst, they might be licked or chewed by pets — they never want this to happen!

PVC Vinyl Fences by Duramax are probably the best material out there. You cannot find any product this good from Big Box Stores! Duramax offers PVC Vinyl Fences which are loved by most clients who love pets because their smooth surface would not harm your pets. Energetic dogs will never be cut or scraped by the PVC Vinyl fences from Duramax, unlike wood fences.

Made from non-hazardous chemicals safe for pets. Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences are among the brands you can trust for your client’s home. Licking and chewing are most of the activities pets do when inside the yard, apart from the usual energy-burning activities like running. Since PVC Vinyl Fences, in general, need not be painted or stained…your clients need not worry whenever their pets try to lick, chew or even bite portions of the fence! If you’re using metal or wooden fences, which need waterproofing agents to survive weather conditions outside. These agents are harmful to pets, especially when ingested.

Prevents pets from escaping. Dogs find a lot of ways to escape, especially when they are bored. They can climb fences, dig under fences, or chew them. We have heard similar stories about this, which have placed their pets in danger after escaping. We love pets as their owners do, and chaining them is a no-no, especially when inside a property. Knowing the best fences to use, such as PVC Vinyl Fences by Duramax, is also a good way to make sure pets are protected. Consider the sizes of your client’s pets when proposing a design counts too!

Apart from Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences being the pet-friendly fences, you can find in town, here are some good-to-know facts and details about Duramax PVC Vinyl Fences:


While these fences are engineered for maximum durability, maintaining them is never a hassle. Know how here.

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