Do you think you’d believe me if I said Singapore has a beach park? That is correct. Changi Beach Park has a beautiful sand beach as well as recreational facilities like pavilions and an outdoor gym. It should be at the top of your list of things to do on the weekend. So here are five facts about Changi Beach Park that you should be aware of: If you want to avoid the crowds and spend some quality time at a serene and pristine beach park, then this article is for you.

It is close to Changi Airport.

It is bounded to the south and east by Changi Coast Road, and to the south and west by Upper Changi Road East. Because it is located near one of Singapore’s busiest airports, it can get very crowded on weekends. So, if you go down there after 2 p.m. on a weekend or public holiday, expect a long line.
It has extensive stretches of sandy beaches.
It has three main beaches spread across 22 hectares (ha) of land: Siloso Beach, Tanah Merah Beach, and Changi Point Beach. The fact that Siloso Beach and Tanah Merah Beach are the only two beaches in the beach park with golden sand distinguishes it. These two beaches are ideal for an intimate hangout session with your partner if you’re looking for a secluded location.

It has a lot of beach huts.

To accommodate the growing number of weekend visitors, it also provides around 100 beach huts to enhance your beach-traveling experience. You can find shade under a large umbrella, or there are snack stalls where you can buy food and drinks. If the long lines on weekends stress you out, simply go to one of the beach huts instead!

The beaches are patrolled by lifeguards.

Lifeguards patrol the beaches three times a day to prevent drownings, and they also search the sea for distressed swimmers. So, if you’re going there on a Saturday or Sunday, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit!

It includes a playground and a picnic area.

At Changi Beach Park, life isn’t all about beaches and sunbathing. This park also has a sports ground with basketball hoops and football pitches, which is ideal for those who enjoy sports. Apart from sports, the next best thing to do is relax at a picnic spot that can seat about 20 people.

Changi Beach Park is part of the Jurong Conservation Area.

The government then decided to reclaim a portion of the mangrove forest to create Singapore’s first national park. The remainder is used for recreational activities such as fishing.

Singapore was connected to Jurong Island at the time by a sandbar known as Changi Sands. The British decided that this was a good location for a prison (hence the prison cells on display at Jurong Point). They named it after the army base where their soldiers were stationed and trained during World War One!