Rules for Living in a Community

Many people prefer to live in a community for various reasons, especially when raising a family. Sometimes people are unable to do this successfully as they’re unsure how to exist together in the same space. There are a few tips to help you with communal living or community living mentioned below.


Tips to help you live in a community

  1. Own your own experience and respect that others too are entitled to their own free will. When speaking or expressing ideas or opinions, speak from a personal point of view and not collective. Don’t assume things about other people if you do not know the facts. Don’t feel the need to correct others, if you feel they are wrong. If you have heard something about a particular person, try not to let that cloud your view of that person.
  2. Be transparent with those around you. Let people know who you are even if it means being vulnerable and open. Before reacting to ay situation that may arise in the community, ask yourself if it is necessary for you to react and why you feel that you must.
  3. Mnay times people found themselves empty with the topics to have conversation with there friends and dear ones, but it’s really not important that you only talk on logical topics or of on the facts. Sometimes silly questions, jokes and even songs help you talk better and gell up with others. I like to suggest you this endless list of “would you rather” questions

It is also important to abstain from gossiping and talking about others in a negative manner. This will ensure that all people live together in harmony and peace. If the need arises, go directly to the source of the issue and have a one on one discussion with the intention of sorting the issue and moving on from it.

live in a community

  1. Have integrity and be responsible for your part in any mishap or miscommunication. Focus on solutions and be willing to compromise to make others happy. When you make a mess, learn to clean up after yourself.
  2. Honour who you really are and let people know. Don’t assume that people around you are mind readers. Communicate as much as possible so that the community can support each other.
  3. Be there for others and focus on what is happening at present. When people are talking to you, pay attention and listen well. This is the greatest form of showing that you care.
  4. Take some initiative and be well engaged. Attend community meetings and be part of community projects. Be willing to get involved, just as others are also doing so. Remember that in order for a community to thrive, each person must make the effort.

live in a community 2

In a community, people form lasting friendships and work toward a shared goal of making the community a happy place for each individual. Since we are social creatures by nature, we look to communities to support and sustain us, but they too must be nurtured and cared for. There is no magical recipe for making communities work but there are a few qualities that all thriving communities share: tolerance, reciprocity and trust. Together with those, just add some time and effort and the community you belong to, will change. The sense of belonging, especially in a community, is a vital human need in society today.