Trees are indeed planted for their environmental benefits and their beauty. Sometimes a tree can go wrong and require removal. So, whether a pine tree is damaging the sewer lines, a maple tree is decaying, or the sidewalk is breaking due to an oak tree, free tree removal is the best option you may seek.

Tree removal can be quite expensive, and the cost can go up to several thousand dollars. So, it is best to hire people who give you the best deal and explain why their charges are. For example, the tree’s growth, the removal process, the complexity, the size can all be different considerations that change the cost. 

What are the possible steps involved in free removal?

It is best to know what goes behind the process of tree removal to understand the service you’d expect:

Step – 1

It is a must to check whether the trees that need removal are part of your federal program, state, city. Several areas indeed receive special grants to use for maintaining and planting trees. These are all parts of constant efforts for the promotion of air quality and natural beautification programs. 

It would be best to inquire whether any special programs are available if you approached the local cooperative extension agency. Alternatively, you can contact the forest service department and the city hall in your area.

In case the tree removal must occur by the street, it is most likely that the city officials need to give permission. Moreover, that is usually not an option most of the time because city officials hardly permit cutting down trees due to stringent policies. 

Step – 2

You can post ads either on laundromats, stores, or digital bulletin boards. The advertisement must announce that the wood will go free of cost to anyone who manages to remove the tree. Some people require a considerable amount of wood to burn for heating homes mostly. Therefore, such people will surely want to take up the offer reading about the free wood supply. 

Step – 3

If an unwanted tree is present near the power lines, it is best to ring up the power department. It is usually their responsibility in such cases to carry out the tree removal activity. Moreover, such departments also have useful contacts with professional tree removal agencies to work for them. Therefore, if you can prove that there is a genuine requirement of cutting down a tree, the power department will not charge you a penny for the same.  

Step – 4

You can do the tree removal yourself. In that case, there is no requirement for hiring professionals. However, make sure you are confident and well-equipped to carry out this work. There are two advantages of doing a tree removal drill yourself. 

First of all, you don’t have to pay anyone. Secondly, you can earn some money if you manage to sell the timber to someone willing to purchase it for residential or commercial purposes. Besides, in most cases, the buyer will also bear the charges for hauling away all that wood. 

Since we discussed free tree removal, these are a few best ways/steps to carry out the activity. Besides, now you know how to derive profit from the action instead of spending any money.