What’s worse than having a smelly home? Having a smelly home and you don’t know the exact source of the odor. It’s fairly common to have such an issue. The human nose can only do so much to try and detect exact locations of a certain odor. If you think you’re having odor issues inside the house, then you may need to look at these culprits.


Your pets are cuddly and sweet but they tend to get too adventurous at times. You never know where they’ll be headed off to next. In some cases, they get into too much trouble and end up making your house smell bad. When this happens, make sure to give them a quick bath so that they won’t be giving off bad odors again.

After giving your cat or dog a bath, make sure that you dry them properly. Not doing so could make the situation worse. Ever heard of the expression, “smell like a wet dog?” That’s what happens if your dog comes out of the shower still dripping wet.


Molds are very common in households. This form of fungi develops in various surfaces but mostly in wood after it gets wet or moist. If you have a severe mold problem, your house will begin to smell of damp dirt. Aside from that, mold-infested areas will feel more humid than other parts of the house as well.

Aside from making your house smell bad, mold also poses a severe health risk which is why you should have it checked out immediately. According to Medical News Today, mold can cause breathing issues. The spores released by the mold affects the lungs. Severe mold problems can trigger pulmonary issues.

You can’t simply wipe mold away. You’ll have to contact professionals to completely remove the mold infestation inside your house. These are tough fungi so they require the use of chemicals before being completely removed. If you don’t clean them out properly, they’ll just return and grow again.

Mold is typically found in damp areas so they are easy to spot. Check the ceiling and the corner of the room and some furniture as there could be mold colonies already growing. Aside from wood, mold also grows on books, paper, and even some clothes. 

Septic tank issues

Septic systems are a proper way of having your wastewater responsibly disposed of. In this process, your wastewater goes down the drain and is directed into the septic tank. Inside the septic tank are bacteria colonies that will break down any biodegradable solids like food. The tank then separates the dissolved food waste called sludge, oil and grease called scum, and the filtered water.

The water is then deposited into the drain field which is often your yard. Septic tanks are airtight and no wastewater seeps out. However, there are times when the tank itself becomes an issue.

Tanks are supposed to be pumped and cleaned every 3-5 years. According to experts at Septic Tank, once your tank is full, it is necessary that you have it cleaned. One way of knowing it’s full is if your drainfield begins to smell of sewage. You’ll also begin to see pools of water all around. The source of the foul stench will be the overflowing wastewater.

When this happens, it is a must that you get your septic tank fixed and pumped. There might also be leaks in the pipes as well so make sure to have that checked too. The US EPA suggests caring for your septic tank properly to avoid these issues and potential health risks.

Garbage Bin

Garbage is supposed to smell bad because of the biodegradable wastes that you throw in it. You might not have noticed it but your house could be smelling bad because your garbage bin is already full. Ideally, you’d want to dispose of your garbage daily. Biodegradable waste that has been sitting around for a long time does smell worse over time.

It’s not just the garbage that smells bad. There’s a chance that the garbage bin itself is already smelling foul. Some fluids coming out of your garbage could’ve already seeped in through the plastic. Make it a must to clean your garbage bin weekly to avoid having the stench of your days worth of garbage stick to the material.


The primary purpose of your dishwasher is to keep your dishes clean but what you might not know is that it’s the hotspot for bacteria and mold as well. It’s the perfect place for mold to thrive in because of the damp environment. Check if your dishwasher has begun to smell as it could be the source of what’s making your house smell bad.

To clean the dishwasher, you’d want to run it in an empty dry-heat cycle. This can help kill the mold colonies inside. For the smaller parts, you can dip and let them set in a diluted bleach mixture so that the bacteria and the mold completely die off.


A lot of people tend to overlook the fact that their furniture could already be giving off a foul stench. Keep in mind that your furniture absorbs a lot of things. Sweat, spilled drinks, dirt, and a lot more. Your furniture will begin to smell over time because of these materials that it absorbs so it is a must to have it deep cleaned.

It’s hard to clean furniture on your own as this means having to go deep beyond the surface. The absorbed fluids have already gone down deep into the foam so there are better equipment fit for the job other than a simple damp cloth.

Having a smelly house is bad not only for you, your guests, and everyone that gets inside your house, it’s also bad for your health. Most of the sources of the smell pose a serious health risk so it is a must that you find the source and have it sorted out. Your home doesn’t have to smell of flowers all the time but it should never smell bad at least.