Do you look at your bedroom and think, “Does this room need an upgrade?” Your bedroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation. It’s also the last location throughout the day where you spend your time before you head off to dreamland. Upgrading your bedroom into a luxury space does not really require hundreds or thousands of dollars. Having said that, here are six simple ways to transform this area of your house into a premium room of your dreams:

Add A Textured Headboard

Check out hotel room designs on the Internet. Do you see a common theme among these rooms? Several hotels employ textured headboards in their rooms.

By now, you should already know that a comfortable mattress is, still, a vital piece of any bedroom. But, you can take that comfort level one step further by adding a textured headboard. However, don’t purchase any headboard you see on the market.

Consider the following factors before making your decision:

  • Material: Consider purchasing a headboard with a hardwood frame, as well as a foam padding and covered back. These materials help ensure that the headboard will last more than a few years.
  • Size: Height is also an essential element in picking the right headboard. If the headboard is too short or too tall, you may experience some discomfort.
  • Installation: Ensure that the headboard attaches to your bed frame. Ask a bedroom advisor, like Kate Barrington, to check different bed types to help you select compatible headboards.
  • Cleaning And Maintenance: The headboard you choose should be relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Some headboards might have a premium price tag. Search the market for relatively inexpensive options that can still give you excellent value for your money.

Follow The Watermelon Rule When Adding Decorations

Luxury rooms tend to have seemingly wide open spaces to provide optimum accessibility and movement. Clutter can inhibit you from walking across your bedroom, and you might even find yourself taking hops and leaps when walking from the door to your bed.

If you’re going to add more décor to your bedroom, follow the watermelon rule. This guideline suggests that adding decorations smaller than the size of a regular watermelon can make your bedroom look and feel cluttered.

Aim to use large decorations instead. Some examples include a full-length mirror, potted plants, and wall art. Also, it doesn’t mean that you should remove all small décor in the area, but you should remain vigilant so as not to go overboard with the tiny room accessories and trinkets.

Change The Curtains

Bedroom curtains don’t exist for the sole purpose of blocking sunlight from entering the room. These fabric panels can also change the look of the bedroom from drab to fab.

Choose among the different bedroom curtains available to see which design fits the area the best. Some of the curtain types you’ll see include:

  • Coronas: A crown above the bed hangs the fabric.
  • Draperies: Curtains that provide excellent insulation against fluctuating temperatures.
  • Four-Poster Drapes: A romantic addition for canopy beds that provide privacy and comfort for sleepers.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to squeeze your spending allowance for new curtains, you can now repurpose the ones you own. For example, you can try curtain layering techniques to provide extra comfort and privacy in your bedroom. Layering also tends to be a common theme in many luxurious hotels around the globe.

Remove Screens

Smartphones, TVs, and computers – these devices can cause discomfort in the bedroom, especially if all you want right now is to fall asleep after a busy day. Checking smartphone notifications before bed can lead to unwanted anxiety before sleeping.

For example, you’re about to close your eyes and tell yourself to take one last check at your notifications before dozing off. But, now, you see your friends having a good time without you. At this point, your mind starts thinking about the exciting things you can do with your mates, instead of calling it a day to prepare for another busy workday tomorrow.

Aside from checking notifications, TVs and computers may also distract you from having a good night’s sleep. Remove TVs and other screens from your bedroom, and you should find yourself experiencing a better quality of sleep at night. More comfort means a more luxurious feel in the bedroom.

Change The Bedding

Painting an entire room might not be in your current plan as the task may require an enormous amount of time and preparation. But, you can change the color in your room in small steps, and you might consider starting with your bedding.

Changing the bedding is fast and relatively inexpensive. Invest in a new duvet, throw pillows, and a set of sheets to alter and enhance the room’s luxurious aura. You may also consider buying a quilt to add texture and life to the room.

Make sure that the beddings you choose don’t clash with the colors of the room. Stick to complementary hues to promote harmony in the area. Otherwise, looking at the clashing colors can give you psychological discomfort, which prevents you from having a good night’s sleep.

Update The Lighting

Bedroom elements should include all the items in the area, and not just your bed and pillows. Try to evaluate your bedroom; at this point, are you looking at something spectacular, or are your eyes only gazing upon dull-looking lights?

To remedy the latter, it would be best to update the lighting in the area. You don’t need to buy expensive chandeliers or invest in costly bedroom décor to highlight the room’s ceiling. Instead, you can apply simple solutions to enhance the premium look and feel of the space.

For example, you can use DIY techniques to make a pendant light. Otherwise, you can put your arts and crafts skills into good use to help you develop an aesthetic-looking chandelier.


Transforming your bedroom from dull to luxurious doesn’t mean you need to deplete your savings account. Use simple techniques like investing in a headboard, changing your beddings, and installing curtains. These tips will help your bedroom become the premium space you desired.