Although we might be reassured by the promise of a vaccine in spring, it seems quite unlikely that things will be normal any time soon. There are lots to consider when we have to spend so much time at home, for example, during lockdown, when we are unable to go out and socialize – but also during the winter months when it is cold. But more than anything, it is important to think about how to stay safe from COVID-19 when in your home – here’s how!

1. Hand soap and sanitizer

First of all, make sure there is a way to keep hands clean and sanitized. Making sure there are either sinks near entrances, so that you can come indoors and wash your hands for 20 seconds, or that there are hand sanitizers placed around the house, so it is easy to find one close by when needed. 

2. Somewhere to store PPE

Second of all, ensure there is somewhere to store personal protective equipment, such as masks which are often worn outside, then taken off when you come inside. It is worth having a hook inside the hallway where you can hang these up, or that there is a bag in which you can place them in order to put them for wash in between use.

3. Air circulation

When you have guests over for occasions such as Christmas, it is key that there is good air circulation. This can be achieved by opening windows to some extent, but it is worth considering that some evidence suggests that air conditioners can be useful at circulating air and making sure it is filtered, which can be useful for eliminating viruses. 

4. Outdoor space

Another thing that is worth doing is creating an outdoor space for entertaining. Especially as the weather gets better, this will be a good way to have people over without creating such a risk that they could catch COVID-19. If you have a plastic table and chairs that are suitable for the outdoors, get them out and perhaps ensure there is some sort of covering so they do not get ruined by bad weather. 

5. Disinfecting surfaces

Where there are lots of people using your house, it is more important than ever that you regularly clean surfaces. Consider getting some wipes, or diluting some bleach and using this to mop up surfaces every day. The areas that are high-risk are bathrooms and kitchens, so focus on these.

6. Washing clothes and dishes

Whether it’s clothes that you have worn outside going in the washing machine, or dishes that your guests have eaten from going in the dishwasher, it is more crucial than ever that everything is disinfected as much as it practically can be. This may mean turning up the temperature on your washing machine or dishwasher a little bit more than usual – and perhaps sacrificing some environmental credentials temporarily.

Once you put these tips into place you will be able to feel far safer in your home and relax! So what are you waiting for?